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Lol. Yeah, well, I don't deny the fact that accutane is way more effective at treating acne. However, it definitely isn't safer. I could link numerous articles that explain the horrific long term side effects of accutane.

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Accutane is more of an oral retinoid than an antibiotic, though it can be dangerous in other ways.

I used antibiotics for my acne a lot, and I regret it. I get a lot of weird infections now that I'm off them. My immune system isn't what it used to be and I have digestive problems. Not to mention the antibiotics didn't improve my skin.

I would highly advise sticking with creams and not pills.

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use probiotics - there great after antibiotics

I don't think you get my point here......

Yes, probiotics are great for rebuilding the GOOD bacteria in your GI tract. Yet the overuse of antibiotics, the BAD bacteria has now built a resistance. Probiotics are great for digestion after antibiotics........that's great......But now you are battling numerous infections that have medicine that can stop it.

If you really would like me to get technical, the more complex the organism, such as a human the longer natural selection takes to work. Bacteria are very simple organisms and yes I'm sure all of your teachers praise that natural selection takes millions of years, but natural selection is actually relative to the organism.

It is possible for a bacteria to become resistant to an antibiotics within DAYS.

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