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Accutane Worked! But Now Got Really Dry Skin :(

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Hey guys, I use to be very involved with this site until my acne finally started to clear up after about 8 months of accutane. I was on it for 11 months and it cleared my cystic upper back/neck and chest acne. I was very doubtful it was going to work because 8 months into it I wasn't noticing anything! But the last few months that I had left were a miracle! Ok so ive been off of it for two months now and my skin is dry as it's ever been and my nose bleeds are the worst they ever been. Does oil/sebum eventually come back or no?

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After my course isotretinoin 60 mg per day for 6 months i also are battling really dry skin.

Ive been to an skin analyst and just for fun to see if my oil would return.

For me personally it has returned to some degree, but i am also extremely dry.

Ive been of accutane since 1 april 2011 and my oil production has decreased about 80 percent.

Because of this i have gotten sensitive red skin that turns red easily.

The strange thing is that 1 and 2 months after my cure my skin was really healthy looking and color and texture was awesome.

But it seems with me that after some time and when your skin is really dry other problems like sagging. red. older skin appears even if the acne is gone.

If sebum returns is really from person to person. YES it will come back. the only thing is in what degree it will return

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In the meantime, buy a jar of coconut oil. I've been super dry because of the accutane, and the only thing that helps is coconut oil (even Olay moisturizer doesn't work). I just put it on at night (yes, it will transfer onto the sheets/pillow case) and after that, my skin is normal for at least 24 hours.

And for the nosebleeds, have you tried sleeping with a humidifier? They say that helps

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