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~~ Temporary Fix for Ice Pick Scar ~~

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Ok....I am prepare for you all to think that I have cracked...that is ok...

It wont be the first time in my life...LOL blink.gif

I have an ice pick scar on the tip of my nose that makes me very self conscience.

No one notices it but me...it drives me crazy everytime I put my make-up on....

It is small...but to me it is a canyon!!

It is a real pain..I usually fill it in with my foundation the best that I can...but as noses go..the foundation would wear off my nose during the day..and would stay in the ice pick scar and make it look a whole lot worse.!!

I was getting ready for a date the other night..feeling somewhat depressed about this scar and thinking..

OMG!!! this is all this guy is going to be staring at...my nose scar!!! ohmy.gif

Desperate..I took Elmers white Glue...put a drop on a toothpick and dabbed it in the hole (dont get any around-only in)...it dried clear and the scar was level and unnoticeable!!!! Whoa!!

I applied my oil-free make-up over the dried glue (sounds weird..I know..LOL)...

it covered nicely and my nose looked great!!! Scar gone!!!

I was a little worried the glue would peel or flake off and cause me even greater embarressment...but, it didnt!!!

My nose looked great the entire night, no flaking , no peeling..and it washed off when I washed my face...no problem!!!

I will tell you..As strange a this sounds..Elmers White glue is now

in my make-up box...hehe..

I never thought that would happen.....Love it..!!! tongue.gif

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lol, wow...never thought of that. I'd probobly be more self conscience with that than with my scars though. Didn't it have a wierd texture to it once it dried or did it look like skin?

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I have a bunch of ice-pick scars, if I'm correct. I would not recommend glue because won't the glue really clog your pores? And what about the ingredients in the glue that may have detrimental effects on your face?

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Hi..Sorry it took me so long to get back on the board, I had a hard time logging in.

To: pooratbest-

I did try gluing a whole new piece of skin to my face..while out with another guy..Without my knowledge..It fell off, plunk! on to my dinner plate, I excused myself, went to the little girls room and quickly plastered it back on..

SO..I have no idea why I never heard from him again!!!?? MEN!!! LOL tongue.gif

To: girl3900-

The icepick scar on my nose is quite small...I ONLY put the glue IN the little hole, not around the hole or all over my nose...so, no it did not create a wierd texture...when it dried..it was clear and virtually invisible..looked like part

of my skin. smile.gif

One day, while staying in the house..I did try putting the glue in some scars on

my cheeks ..Now, That looked BAD...and it peeled off...due to the movement of my face...

I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU USE THIS ON YOUR NOSE ONLY.. unless your nose wiggles or flaps around when you talk..then dont...!!! hehe LOL blink.gif

To: ung85-

Elmers glue is Non-toxic and only a teeny-tiny drop is used.. actually smaller than this letter "o"...it is placed IN a SCAR..I highly doubt it would poison you or cause any damage, IMO with an icepick scar, the damage is done..

Scar tissue is very tuff stuff...I wouldnt worry about clogged pores..you are not slathering it all over your face. smile.gif

To:mikeb2004- Ummm..yes, I am cute and yes, I suppose it is a girl thing...hehe LOL biggrin.gif

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Hi...The "glue thing' is still workin for me...

I have been using it for about a week and a half now....

and.. I am Sooo...Happy my nose has not fallen off...YET.. hehe biggrin.gif

I am Glad, I put a smile on your face.... tongue.gif LOL


Vanessa smile.gif

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talk about sniffin some glue. Try mederma, its about the same feels like glue smells like glue but after awhile it redfines it making not so noticable. eusa_wall.gif

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Or better yet Try Richard's DMAE scar minimizing gel, ask him at [email protected] It's not a make-up, it'll make your face look tightened and scars less noticeable, Richard is notably a worthy name over acneorg boards

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