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Guest Zitro

Lionheart : stats!!

HP : 421

MP : 2

Int : 0

Mind power: 0

Strength : 54

Defense : 27

Speed : 42

Experience : 44

Level : Pre-puberty

Weapons : voodoo-dick (he can't use his)

Shield : ignorance

Helmet : Pokemon hat

Accesories : Magic the Gathering cards

Items : Legend of Dragoon CD

Hobbies : buying characters of Diablo 2 in EBAY

Job : Gamer

Spells : none, too dumb to concentrate

Favourite quote: there ain't no gettin offa this train we're on!(FF7)

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Guest Zitro

N-gage looks lake a taco bell, or I need some serious help jaja

yep, I ruined the thread

What was this initially about?

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this thread originally was conveived as an effort by lionheart to in-consructivley tear apart, if you will, people like Enter the dragon (vince) and Elsa because they were apparently spending an unfathomable amount of time on here. He ended his 2 cents by adressing what he thought to be the problem...that we are all a bunch of "whiny little faggots"

what he failed to recognize is 2 fold. one is that he posted on the emo board, and the other is that we're all here to lend eachother support. its one thing to accuse a mass of people for being whiny, but to personally attack regular posters, one being an exceptional benefit to the board...cough...*Elsa*...cough, was not something that I, or many other people could let slip by...

since then i think he's given it a rest...

so did i just like backwards jack this thread...bringing it back to the original topic???? ohmy.gif

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Guest Zitro

ohh, and then I called him an abortion and told him to go back to his playstation.

My memory is coming back...

yep, that was a bad move he made...

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What you all fail to realize is maybe he too needed to whine in his own way. People dont just stumble onto acne.org go to the emo forum and bother to read countless post for no reason.

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