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Audacious R

Sweating With Moisturizer On

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I've got a question. I'll start hitting the gym every second day and sweat alot, but what concerns me is that i always have moisturizer on my face. That means that i will have moisturizer on while i'm working out. Doesn't the moisturizer mix with sweat and clogs pores? What other choice do i have, stop washing my face in the mornings or stop moisturizing? No way. wink.png

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I think moisturizers are supposed to be 'absorbed' into the skin. So I think if you leave adequate time between applying the moisturizer and hitting the gym, the sweat shouldn't be in contact with the moisturizer. (Because it should already by absorbed and doing its job in your skin)

I've also read an article that the pores we sweat from aren't the clogged ones that cause acne.

But if you notice a problem after sweating at the gym, maybe you could work out first thing in the morning, and not do your normal routine until afterwards.

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I teach spin 5x/week. This was always a concern for me. So now I do not apply moisturizer before my workouts, I wait til after my workouts. Although I'm sure the moisturizer just slides off immediately upon sweating, I'd rather not trap any more bacteria in my pores.

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