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Have To Share My Experience With Alpha Hydrox Products Long

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Hi Everyone,

I am a 39 year old male and have suffered with acne my entire life. I was on Accutane in my young 20's. It wiped out everything but unfortunately it came back. I've been on so many over the counter products, antibiotics and some prescripts here and there.

About a year ago I found out I have low testersterone. My doctor put me on weekly testosterone shots. I feel this has really made my skin uncontrollable so I recently went off of it. I was developing cystic acne which I never really had before. I would rather have low test than continually battling with acne.

I recently tried some derma doctor products seeing how they got great reviews. It was an absolute disaster. I used it for about 5 weeks hoping I was just going through a purging process, but couldn't take it any longer.

So, like I always do I go on tons on different sites looking for the next hope product. I was getting ready to fork out tons of money for the Obagi Cleniderm system, but I continued to look around. I then was interested in aqua glycolic line which led me finding out about the alpha hydrox line.

I read reviews on amazon, drugstore, makeup alley and they were all so positive. With the cheapness of the products I decided to order some from the alpha hydrox website. I purchased their acne kit.I got the Foaming face wash, the toner, the oil free lotion and the spot treatment. It takes forever for the shipping to get to you so I went to Walgreens and at least picked up the face wash while the rest of the products got to my house.

If you're still reading onto the good stuff. The foaming face wash is amazing. It gets my face completely clean with no dryness, tightness or leftover oilyness. I absolutely love this stuff. While waiting for the rest of my products I integrated an ACV toner with asprin with tea tree oil as a treatment. I really like going all natural sometimes.

My products finally arrived and I began using them. I did experience 4 new pimples using the products the first 3 days. I think my skin started purging getting used to the stuff. Two days later they are almost completely gone. My skin tone is vastly improving. Just 2 weeks ago my left check had at least 10 pimples. They are absolutely gone with barely any notice they were ever there.

I don't know if these are miracle products or not for me as it's only been a week, but my skin tone and the health of it looks so much better.

I will continue to keep anyone posted on anyone who wishes to know.

I don't know if they will work for you or not but they get great reviews from many different sources and they're cheap.

I know how it feels to obsess about my skin, not want to leave the house or not be social because of it. It sucks. I just wanted to share my experience and help anyone I can.

P.S. - some people don't like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and the cleanser does have it.

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Sad to report I don't think my face likes glycolic acid. Things were going great and then a terrible breakout happened. I also blame eating a large bag of candy that sent my blood sugar screaming which created inflammation.

I noticed when I had my last bad breakout and it subsided like my skin is now is using the Alpha Hydrox cleanser only, a 25% ACV 75% water mixture with 10 drops of tea tree oil.

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