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Eating Just Antioxidants

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I eat it for 2 days dont think it works

I ate also dark choclate so i am going to give that up and see

do you think the antioxidants alone can help ??

i eat red beans oranges , lots of spices like oregano

take turmeric suppelment also eat spinach peppers a little garlic whole wheat bread

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What i am asking you is - Do you think antioxidants alone can cure acne ?

And also : i go to the bathroom to much now because of all the fiber - is there anything against this ?

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Hi, acne can be caused by mnay different factors and what causes acne for one person may not cauese it for you. It could be hormones (because of puberty, menstration, thyroid issues, etc), insulin resistance (again hormone issues), allergy sensitivities, diet, leaky gut, candida, and the list goes on and on and on.

With that said, antioxidants are awesome but it may or may not help you with your acne and you definitely need to incorporate it as a part of a healthy overall diet and skin care routine. You also need to give it time (think in terms of months not days). Do some reading on the holistic boards and see what other foods and supplements are recommended. Just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and getting control over any disease takes time and dedication

Good Luck

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^ Actually, most of those things tend to be factors in everyone it only varies in degree. There's always hormones involved. And there's always inflammation involved. Blood sugar affects both of those. Leaky gut affects inflammation, absorption of nutrients, and food intolerances all of which affect inflammation. And the nutrients affect hormones as well.

And antioxidants are anti-inflammatory so will always help, but we can't tell you if that's enough for you? What else do you eat? How do you eat, i.e. Glycemic impact of the meals. How do you sleep? Exercise? Deal with stress?

And whole wheat bread is not a good source of antioxidants. It's a high glycemic, high omega 6 food which makes in inflammatory. And it's common to be intolerant to wheat which make it inflammatory. And gluten damages the intestinal linings which also causes inflammation.

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