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On Regimen For Year Now: Different Batches Make A Difference?

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Hi all!

So, I am quite puzzled. I have been on Dan's regimen a year now with great results. Not 100% clear, but very very close!

I use his BP and AHA and Cetaphil and Olay moisturizer. It's worked great until about 2 weeks ago.

I ordered a new big bottle of the BP and I swear it's different (stronger?) than usual. Has this ever happened to any of you...you get a different "batch" and it's totally different than it was before?

NOW, my skin is sooooo dry and irritated-- almost like I am starting the regimen for the first time, and clearly I am not !

My skin is so dry that it keeps me up at night. For some reason it's much much worse (tingly and itchy on my face) at night and for the life of me I don't know why. During the day it's still annoying but not as bad.

Any advice? I am wondering if I should go to just 1 application of BP a day to see if it cuts down on irritation.......I am so confused! It could also be a combo of the weird batch of BP/ winter...!

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My advice from person experience would be to try using the BP nightly only, but still with the 2 full pumps, dont forget, go wild on the mousterizer and jojoba oil on a night, no one apart from your family/partner is going to see!

Also, try dans AHA, although on dry skin for the first time it feels VERY sore and strong, it does help with the flakes, a lot, although your different and you should see for yourself.

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Hi Brunnhilde, how awful to be going through the uncomfortableness of the early weeks of the regimen again. I've only gone though 4 bottles of BP and I've not experienced any difference in the product when using a new bottle, so I really can't comment. Maybe there are slight differences to each batch but I wouldnt have thought there were big differences.

Have you tried emailing admin about it? It could be that they've received some comments from a few regimen users currently using the same batch as you. Might be worth a try. But I would suggest cutting down the amount of BP you use until your skin settles down again.

Now you have me worried as I've just ordered a new bottle and there is no way I want to go through the hell of the first 5 weeks on the regimen again...arrrgh.

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