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Controlling Nasty Oily Feeling At Work

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work obvious includes stress which can produce more oil/acne

how do we control this at work where we have no choice but to engage in it

within an hour of getting in, i start feeling a little oily and nasty and will be full on by lunch.

i use a moisturizer in the morning which actually helps more than not having it since ur skin doesnt overcompensate if you dont have it

then when i need to wash my whole face at lunch, that makes me produce even more oil by the end of the day and beyond (i dont get off until late)

any suggestions [email protected]!

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I work at an aged care home and we have no air con at all and no fans, I come home with a think layer of oil over my face, my pores and blackheads seem ten times worse, I hear u, It can be very depressing.

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I use this stuff by urban decay called deslick, i don't know if there are other similar products out there but its pretty awesome. I use the version you squeeze out of a tube, you only need a little and you rub it over the oily areas and it somehow mattify's them..... I didn't think it would work when I saw a girl on youtube do a tutorial and meantion it. I saw the shine disappear from her face and decided that I needed some. It works for me so I carry mine everywhere. I use it ontop of makeup with no problems. x (it disappears visually so don't worry about it "showing up" like makeup if you are someone who dislikes to look made up).

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You can carry blotting sheets in your pocket. Or, portable. individually wrapped towelettes. Acne Free makes some. Or Witch Hazel by Dickensons.

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when i am stressed, both of my hand itches. I have eczema and it happens all the time. Whether there is exams, a climax point in a movie or waiting for the results --- it always itches.

When I'm oily at work I would probably use Tissues to blot out the oil. Washing refreshes me but i get weird stares taking a towel and lotion to the toilet :((. not to mentioned getting wet on my sleeves. =/ sign.

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I get super oily at work. I use those brown napkins you get from togo's or taco bell. I don't eat at those places but my boss does. We always have them laying around in the break room.

This is just a quick fix though. I found my face to be less oily when I was using jojoba oil with a light moisturizer.

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I always got irritated about that - BP may cure your acne but it certainly doesn't stop the oil, esp. if you're super oily. Best solution I've found is Clinique's Stay Matter/Pore Minimizer range - it's absolutely incredible for controlling oil. Only problem is you can't put make up on top of it because it looks funny, which is why I stopped using it - if you're a male though I guess this would be the perfect product.


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