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i feel like i'm being annoying always complaining about something on my face, but this is the only site that seems to understand and help me. anyway here's my story.

In early november, i picked/popped/scratched a zit on my nose, and it left an extremely dark mark, which was FINALLY beginning to fade. it was almost gone. but last week, i accidentally scratched my nose and part of the skin came off beacuse the scratch was so hard. so basically it peeled off over the scar. it bled a little bit, and then it scabbed up. the scab fell off yesterday, and now it looks terrible. it looks like the day when i first got it....

does it look like it will heal? and how long will it take? what should i do?



it looks worse in real life. more noticeable. even my mom says it looks bad again

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That isn't terrible at all. I wouldn't stress :) I'll take dark red over bright red and oozy any day. Sephora Bisque concealer is amazing. Dab it right on the spot. It won't hurt the healing process either.

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I've never written a review, but I this product worked so amazing for me that I just simply have to share.

I had moderate acne, but started using Dan's Benzyl Peroxide Treatment - after just 3 weeks my skin was NOT breaking out anymore.

The Benzyl definitely works, and the science behind it by creating an aerobic rich environment does NOT let the p.acnes bacteria grow in the pores.. This however is not why I am writing you all..

In September - literally 2 weeks before I started using Dan's products and cleared up my skin, I developed this big pimple on the side of my nose. Was such a bad place to have it as it was so noticeable. It was even more frustrating as all of my acne had cleared but this "spot" that I had developed left a big deep / bright red mark literally on the side of my nose. Weeks and weeks did not fade, and I even tried cover-up (which even more embarrassing cos I'm a male). Believe it or not, weeks turned into months, and it simply would not fade. I did it all, lemon juice, using AHA's such as the Dan product available, and in mid January I even went as far as buying 4% Hydroquinone to treat that spot and it still did nothing. If anything, made it worse cos it almost looked luminous!

5 days ago, I was getting so frustrated. I have been avoiding going out and to public gatherings, cos this spot just looked so bad, bright and damn noticeable. I looked online again, cos I have a public speech in 4 weeks time, and there is no way I can just step up with this thing on my nose and talk..

I've never used "commercial products" before - but read some reviews on this product: Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

The reviews were quite mixed, and at this stage, I'd try anything to get rid of or least lighten this spot on my nose! Which of course was bought on by hyperpigmentation from the pimple I had 5 months ago, yes 5 months ago!!

The product was around USD$70 (I live and work in Hong Kong), so costed here HKD$520.

That night, I cleansed, used the Benzyl treatment then started with this "cream". Its more like a serum, and instead of just treating the spot, I spread it over my face. It was really light, not greasy one bit, and absorbed. Strangely enough, within 5 mins that spot got even redder, and a little itchy for about 10 mins. I went to bed, all angry and wondering how this will ever go away, I mean it was about half a finger nail in size!! Wait for this - next morning I woke up, and I saw it had already faded.. Like not gone completely, but more like a dull kind of colour.. So the following day, I did the same routine (twice a day) with cleansing, Benzyl and the Clinique product..

Its now been my 5th day and that spot has literally disappeared.. I cannot believe it, and never in my life have I heard or seen anything this amazing!! I kept thinking to myself today that I should have used / found this product earlier instead of avoiding all these social gatherings and locking myself in my house all these months! Guys, I know its steep in price, but never have I witnessed anything so spectacular. Like you can see and feel it work straight away!! Apart from the "spot", I smeared it all over my face, and already my skin has this "glow" about it.. What sucks now is that I like this product so much is that I am thinking of using it long term, but just so expensive to stay on it.

If you have hyper pigmentation from past acne spots, YOU MUST give this a try. However from what I have read, you must have your acne under control first or you'll break-out. Do what I did, by cleansing, benzyl, then apply the Clinique serum..

Guys seriously.. 5 days and that thing I had on my nose for 5 months was gone by day 3!!

I wanted to share this with you all cos I know how stressful it is, and I myself were reading all these solutions to treat this damn spot on my nose. Now that I have accidentally found this product I needed to tell you all, as it was this site that helped me control my acne in the first place 6 months ago. Like I said.. You MUST try this serum..

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