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What Completely Made My Skin Clear

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Ok, so I just wrote literally a whole essay and it was never posted and deleted (sigh) So, I'm just going to quickly jot down what I wrote


Dans BP


Loreal 360

I know that everyones skin is different and what worked for me not might work for some of you. But since I don't have time to sit here and write about what I did 20 min ago, just please take my word when I say the clarisonic will change your life. I didn't buy into the whole thing, my sister had one and I always gave her s*** because she paid so much money for something I thought you could find in the drugstore or online as a knock off.

Well I gave in and bought one after using hers and literally jaw-dropped after seeing how it transformed my skin. I used Dans regimen, and it did help a little but after 4 months it wasn't what I had hoped.

All the items above are the things I use now, and I'm not kidding have changed my skin a 180 from what it was a year ago.

The clarisonic is so important in my opinion because it allows your skin to absorb the BP perfectly and it literally takes all dirt/bacteria off of your face.

I really could cry with how happy I am with my skin and I have never been able to say that. If you don't have the money save up, or maybe ask for it as a present for the holidays. You get a 2 year warranty with it, so in my opinion it will last long and is worth the $

Good luck everyone :)!

If you have q's please ask..I think I've used everything under the sun

& ladies if your looking for a good foundation I suggest Estee Lauder double wear

Hope this helps!

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