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Shed The Shame! Rebranding Of Acne

This was inspired by another thread "What would you do if someone found out you were a member of Acne.org" which inspired me...

Acne is a taboo subject not because its our communal, secret, shame. It's so easy to spot! The awkwardness involved with talking about openly though, I think, has at least something to do with the word. ACNE. It's just ugly, ain't it?

And when people can't speak openly about something unpleasing, it grows a taboo and embarrassing quality.

Thus begins my life's greatest work... Let's rebrand our condition. What shall we call it? and ourselves? Acne-sufferer isn't working for me.cool.png

As I wrote on another thread.... I suggest "those-who-must-not-pop".

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Well whatever we call it it doesn't change the fact it's still an ugly, horrible disease. And people are always going to look at it exactly like that, I think any word related to any disease sounds bad, like cancer sounds bad. You know what I mean?

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I agree about rebranding ours and others' perception of acne.

What about "acned"? Past tense to denote negative feelings associated with acne is in the past. At the same time, denotes our unanimous desire to make acne (the condition) a past.

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