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matt f

'pin Prick' Whiteheads Forehead

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On my forehead, mainly in the centre, I suffer from pin prick whiteheads (tiny, and no redness/inflammation). I also have some really small bumps which are only noticeable when there's light shining on them. I've tried treating the area but everything I try seems to make it look worse (redness and inflamed spots). They aren't too noticeable if I leave them but obviously I'd rather clear the area. I figured it could be shampoo so I have swapped my H&S shampoo to a natural one. My hair's short and I don't wear hats or anything like that.

Anyone else experienced this?

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yes sir i think you might be talking about what i have at the moment, i just cant seem to get rid of it, i do have this all over my face... you can check out my previous post and look at the pictures i threw in there. people tell me that its irretation from products, but i dont think so, i think its non-inflammed acne.

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Lol I'd forgotten that I'd made this topic..was about to post a new one! But yeah, the best thing I've found for keeping my forehead as clear as possible is simply patting it with water at night.' This hasn't cleared the area but it looks ok as long as you aren't super close lol. tinydan.gif

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