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its just big acne companies making 10% bp now. i saw it at the store also.. after clean & clear put out their 10% bp gel clearasil has theirs out.

i have alot of improvement and consistancy from using c&c 10%bp persagel10, i'd guess the clearasil one works just as well. one thing i did notice while i was at my drugstore today was the clearasil one is alot smaller than the c&c tube.

also watch out when using 10%bp it can burn your skin causing major redness and itching if your skin is sensitive.

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As far as I know (from reading the ingredients at the store) it's the same old 10% BP; they just put a fancy cool looking package on it, so people think it's "improved" or something. 2.5% BP works as well as 10%. People aroung here pick Dan's BP over everything else. This is one of the cases where everyone is right. I'm about to get my 3rd bottle in the mail in a few days. The stuff kicks ass in all respects.

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The best thing by far that i'v tried is the Neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment. Its a lotion with lots of vitamins and salicylic acid. This lotion worked amazing on me. It totally cleared my acne and red spots.

Yes I break out once in awhile, but the this is by far the best thing to clear my facial acne.

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