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Margie Lasiewicki

Is It Facial Skin Picking(Dermatillomania?), Crack Addiction Or Both?

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is this a joke? crack addict... dude get her off of that crap NOW i was a huge drug addict and i never did crack. seriously crack ruins the skin DESTROYS IT and it destroys her and your bank account! seriously... crack is the wrose drug ever and i was a huge druggy you should take that advice from me.. crack is going to ruin her life. i used to know so many crack heads when i did drugs and they were all losers no life no money and they always looked like crap. you really need to get her off now. she will never stop picking at her face while shes on it. take her to church for real.

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^^^^ I agree with dreamingofclearskin2011. Get her off that shit. I had a friend who was addicted to heroine and would pick the shit out of his face, that's how we would know he relapsed. But people that aren't addicted to drugs pick at their faces too.. It's like a form of addiction. Needs to STOP...

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Skin picking due to excessive crack cocaine use has become more common as more people use crack problematically and we are now seeing a variety of health issues arise because of it. However, skin picking through stimulant overuse is complex. Medically, skin picking in this context is seen as a compulsive foraging response (CICF – ‘cocaine induced compulsive foraging’) but the compulsion to skin pick has also been called psychogenic excoriation, delusional parasitosis, self-inflicted dermatoses, dermatillomania, formication, or hypoesthesia; which is quite surprising considering that there has been so little research on the subject.

It’s characteristics include excessive scratching, picking, gouging, lancing, digging and squeezing of normal or slightly marred skin. Most commonly picked are fingernails, face, lips, scalp, arms and legs. This is because drugs like cocaine, methylephenidate, phenelzine amphetamine and anticholinergic drugs often produce increased nerve activity – tactile sensations like burning, tingling and crawling (worms under the skin) that can lead to skin picking.

Also, see this post


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