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Need Help With What Scar Treatment (Pictures)

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Hey guys, I'm about to go see a dermatologist very soon and I was wondering if you guys can help me before I visit the doctors.

I just need some suggestions on what I can do about these scars, I've had them for about a year and a couple months now and I really want to get rid of the noticeable ones that I circled with red marks.

Will dermarollers be effective for me? Or chemical peels? I'm considering laser surgery but it's quite expensive but it's my last resort :/

Please help me out these scars are destroying my self esteem every day, I used to be really confident and always was able to talk to girls and stuff and now with these scars I've been keeping to myself lately and stopped talking to many friends and girls cause I don't want to be judged:/ and I want to get out of my shell again please help me.

Thanks biggrin.png


Left cheek, not a big deal on this side


Right cheek, really hate the upper right one because the scar is slightly deep


picture of me not super zoomed in, I know here the lightning does a very bad job to show the scars but yeah


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Perhaps if you think that one is deeper or larger than the rest. this is helpful:

This other one is fractional co2 laser, see CASE STUDY 2: http://www.santamonicaskin.com/fractional.html

The second link kinda looks more like the kind you have. keep in mind that, that person's face was probably still a little swollen. results might not be so well. but you never know. i hope this helps.

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Almost every treatment has a chance of not doing anything at all.

The only two real exceptions I can think of are fully ablative CO2 lasers (the old school lasers that completely take off an entire layer of skin) and dermabrasion (an even older school method that involves taking off an entire layer of skin using a steel brush). Both of these methods have major risks and side effects, especially for people with darker skin and Asians.

I personally don't see dermarolling or stamping as anything but a very, very, very long-term solution that needs years of treatment for anything to happen. Fractional lasers are still hit or miss, even with all the stem cells and human growth factor stuff they are doing these days in combination with those lasers.

Basically, you won't know if it'll work until you do it, but you should always aim at under-doing it a bit, lest you overdo it and you end up with results that look worse than when you started.

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thanks for some tips guys I really appreciate it and thank you softly_softly :D

I am hoping to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist just to get an idea what I could do, money will probably be a problem but I am really willing to do anything for a treatment, I don't feel like myself and don't even have confident to go out like I used to anymore. I still haven't gotten a job because I really don't like talking to people with these scars especially when I see some cute girls because I used to be able to talk to them with high confidence but now I have none :/

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