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I went for six days without picking and felt great! But this morning I relapsed and feel terrible. But the trouble was that I could not remove the urge to quickly get rid of the pressure underneath my skin created by my acne. Any suggestions of a replacement action to replace this relief of pressure? I have started to workout and am currently boxing and this helps. But I still have trouble keeping my hands off my face. Thank you for your time and help! Have a good day and a great tomorrow!

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Try putting a note up on your mirror that says something meaningful to you. Maybe if you have someone else in your life, have them write you a note so that you stop for them too. Example, I saw a girl posted on here that she had a daughter, so she wrote a note saying "would you do this to your daughter?" and every time she had the urge, she'd read that and stop herself. For me, my boyfriend wrote me the note saying "STOP! don't do this to yourself, you're gonna regret it and let me down big time. you're better than that" it definitely helps to have something to constantly remind you not to. also take deep breaths and clench your fists at your sides til you calm down again.

someone else suggested putting a piece of tape on the floor about a foot away from the mirror. this would be how far you're allowed to stand so you're not getting too close and critical. good luck!

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