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Day 9 On Oratane (Accutane)

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Hi everyone!I

I am still only early in my treatment, being day 9 at the moment. I'm from New Zealand , and here the medication that is prescribed is called Oratane, but is same as Accutane. I am 180lbs, 26yr old female, and have been prescribed 40mg per day for 3 months. I see most people are on it for usually at least 4-6 months, and I'm wondering why my doctor has said I only need 3 months? Maybe mine isn't as severe as some people who post on here.

I'm still yet to experience the dreaded 'inital breakout' that I have read so much about in my research before I even took that first pill. On day 6 and day 7 I had about 6 small pimples breakout around my mouth, and one cystic one on my chin, but today all of that breakout is shrinking away nicely.

Until then my skin was improving day by day - I am LOVING not having to use oil blotting papers every few hours, the lack of oil was noticeable from day 2, and I just didn't get those new pimples I was waking up with everyday!

In saying that though, I did have mild nausea every morning for the first week and couldn't eat breakfast. That has gone now though so I am pleased. The side effects have been manageable and not too bad so far! My dry lips have been the most noticeable, and Lucas' Paw Paw ointment doesn't leave my side lol.

Still waiting on the initial breakout, hoping like crazy I am going to be one of the luck ones who will get away with just a small breakout.

Would love to hear from anyone willing to be a e-pal throughout our experiences.

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Hey Holly,

I am on my day 30 and Im having my initial breakout. It is craaaazy!! I dont mean to scare you but this differ from individuals. How bad is your acne? Mine is mild, but recently turned severe due to the initilal breakout (read my latest topic on here). Oh btw, I am from New Zealand too. Wellington actually. Where is your dermatologist?

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