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OK, So I started using The Regimen with Acne.org products around November 1st 2011. Within a month my skin had become more clear then I can remember. Shortly after I began experiencing a lot of dryness and flakelyness. A few weeks ago I introduced Jojoba oil to the moisturizer to combat this but what I found was, it just moisturizes the flakey dry skin, it doesn't really get rid of it, then when it is gone, its right back to flakey dry skin. Not to mention the fact that my skin is shiny for a few hours after using it. It is to the point where if you a run a finger down my face, there will be a line of dry flakey skin.

Starting 3 days ago, I decided to remove BP from my morning regimen, opting to only spot use it on the one or two pimples I have. I have been Cleansing, then spot treating my pimples, then moisturizing my entire face with DK Moisturizer and Jojoba. The flakiness has gone down but still appears when the Jojoba wears off, and when you run a finger down my face.

I was doing some research on here today, and read about several people having success by using Jojoba Oil before and after Cleansing, by rubbing 5-10 drops around their face then wiping it with a towel. They said that they had great success getting rid of flakes and that they continued with the normal regimen after doing this.

So my question is, I would love to try the Jojoba Oil after cleansing, but if I try this should I introduce Bp into my morning again? Or should I try it and still keep BP out and see how it goes? I still use BP at night, and usually when i wake up my skin is completely flakey and dry. I am about 95% clear and loving it, but I want my face to be normal and not flakey so I can really enjoy it, instead of always being so self conscious of how dry my face is.


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The only thing that really helped me combat dry flaky skin was when I introducted Dan's AHA+ to the regimen. I tried the Jojoba oil before BP, after BP, with moisturiser, without moisturiser, but nothing I did made a lot of difference. I had the same experience as you, shiny oily face from the jojoba oil, but as soon as I washed my face it was dry and flaky underneath.

After around 2 weeks of using the AHA+ my skin became perfect. In the first 4 weeks of using it I still had to put a layer of moisturiser and jojoba oil over the top to feel fully moisturised, but now I only use the AHA+ at night and my skin has the best texture its every had in my life (not to mention acne free...hooorah!).

Personally I follow the regimen exactly (eg, gentle gentle etc) but I only apply the BP at night. But I only reduced the BP to once per day once I was 100% clear for about 3 weeks. I then started reducing the number of applications applied each week while still staying acne free.

So my advice to you would be try AHA+ as you've now been on the regimen long enough that you should be ok to use, and only reduce the BP applications once you've been fully clear for a while.

Good luck! I'm happy that you're 95% there. Such a great feeling isnt it....

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jojoba oil never really helped me all that much, but what really helped me personally was using less cleanser and BP. i think it was the cleanser that was drying out my skin and with the BP on practically raw skin i would have flakey skin no matter how much moisturizer and jojoba oil i put on. and then it would get oily around the flakes midday. so yeah, less cleanser!

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