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Completely Holistic Log -->>

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Here is my new acne log...this time I am serious!

I am not going to go into my entire acne history but basically I've had average here and there acne when I was younger, but once I hit 18/19 my skin started getting bad and now I am 21 and my skin is just not good. Though I can say, my skin is moderate acne but it has been better/worse at random points.

I have spent hundreds of dollars, maybe even a few thousand over the years trying to fix it. I've done antibiotics, proactive, creams, masks, washes, different vitamins and herbs, diets, etc and I'm just f*ing tired of it. I gave up on perfect skin, I don't mind if I have to do routines/diets, but I just want to find one that works.

Though acne has not been entirely a plague. I've learned SO MUCH about health that it is crazy. I use to drink soda and alcohol all the time. I'd eat fast food and pizza and wear heavy foundations and sleep in them!! All the time throughout high school. Today, those ideas scare me and make me think only someone who was crazy--or ignorant of the health costs--would do.

I've found through my own experience and research that:

--I cannot have dairy because I have an intolerance

--I am allergic to some degree to jojoba oil

--pretty sure I am gluten intolerant

--I have a hormonal imbalance

besides these, from growing up taking bunches of medicines, not to mention acne medicines, my stomach is f*ed up.

So, I am pretty sure I have a lil candida too, but I'll take care of that later.

My main plan first, is that I need to detox really really bad.

I have had my first colonic which was eye opening--(and really helped give me a lot of energy!!) I plan to get more when I can afford it. But my next segment will be a 21 day detox, called the 21 day clean detox --> http://www.everydiet...diet/clean-diet. i just ordered the book too! smile.png

I want to do a full scale one month detox, and after I want to do a liver flush. **Should I do one before the other? im not sure yet.

I am not sure what my next step might be:

1. been thinking about more colonics

2. been thinking about doing some infrared sauna sessions

3. been thinking about getting my hormones tested to see whats up

4. food allergy testing

Also, as for my actual face products, I was using Cerave Facewash with a dot of olay senstive skin lotion when needed, but the Cerave really clogged my pores, I just used it because I didn't cause any real big acne problems, just clogs. But since then I have switched to a sensitive skin soap bar called Bella http://buybellasoap.com/review.html I am currently one of their testers for their new acne soap (all their soaps all real nice and gentle/sensitive) so I am not too worried about trying it out --> it smells like peppermint <3<3

I also use garden of wisdom's pumpkin/papaya enzyme mask, which I really like for exfoliation. http://www.gardenofw...567/7061890.htm

I have decided to continue using olay sensitive skin lotion until i find a better one. I just like it because it doesnt cause oiliness.

Also, its not too important, but i thought I should add that i smoke weed. its not that im making a deal about it, but ive heard it messes with hormones and when i do my detox i am quitting for 21 days as well.

my skin as of now:

-i have acne all over my face, except for my lower cheeks which is soft and supple. go figure >.>

-I have clogged pores over my entire forehead along with random small pimples (non-inflamed)

-i have sm inflamed and non inflamed pimples on the centers of my cheeks. some get very tiny whiteheads

-i get sm average pimples on my chin but not many, maybe 2-4 at a time, but sm and spread out. i use to get huge red angry cysts here before my period, but chasteberry (vitex) has been amazing and keeps these away.

-i have a few clogged pores and blackheads on my nose

-i tend to have tiny pimples around my hairline and red ones near my eyebrows

overall I have a bumpy complexion, large pores on my nose/forehead, and light scarring (very lil) on my cheeks, and a great deal of scarring on my nose and forehead. even though this all sounds like id have a terrible complexion, it doesnt look too too bad, like in pictures you somtimes cant tell on a good day, unless the sun is out. but on some days you can tell OBVIOUSLY.


I eat 100% dairy free

85% gluten free

85% soy free

100% fastfood/processed food free

99% organic

Supplements per day

1 probiotic

1 vitex

1 multi

off/on 1 vitamin c

I have just started back onto my gluten free diet, trying to make it 100% and just started the probiotics last week.

I also have starting going to the gym 2-3x a week plus taking hemp protein in almond milk after the workouts. I also walk a great deal since I live off campus from my university.

I plan to continue this way until I start my detox 21 days in FEB (either feb 6 or 15) I also talked another friend into joining it with me!! So I won't be alone!!

I will update weekly I think, and more so in detail while on detox.

Wish me luck biggrin.png

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I am very excited because even though I have been using Bella soap for only 4 days I am already seeing a reduction in redness/irritation, and maybe even my acne a bit. Skin tone is much more even--I think this is evidence that Cerave wash was irritating my skin to some degree.

Also, I went to my first zumba class last night, it was tiring, but pretty fun I have to say. Gotta sweat ya know?

I am also going to update my probiotics this Thur to the full dose of 2 a day since I think my body is more use to it now.

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I'm pretty upset but ok. I left my probiotics at my bfs house and wasnt able to take them for like 3 days. I'm not sure if its related but my forehead appears a little more clogged. Also--due to some personal relationship issues that sprang up I got a fit of upsets/emotions etc and my face seemed to react a great deal + I picked at one lil pimples, but they are pretty normal again now.

It just goes to show you how you need to get ahold of your emotions or else they can show up on your face!

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