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Contemplating Beginning The Regimen, But Have Some Reservations

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Hello All,

Well as my screen name denotes, I am back on this site again after having failed at keeping my skin cleared. But I am keeping my head up as best as I can because I feel I have an arsenal of knowledge at my hands this time. Anyway, I have contemplating beginning the regimen as I have begun incorporating a lot of bp into my acne clearing journey. I should note that I used to avoid bp because of all the things I heard about it and also the discomfort, itchiness, and so forth that come along with beginning its usage. However, as I have begun my journey again, I have been applying acanya gel (clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide) over my entire face in the evening after washing with an aquaglycolic face wash (only at night), with cetaphil moisturizer, and in the morning washing with cetaphil and spot treating with bp 5%-10%, with an spf 35. I'm over a month and half in on this regimen, but have heard so many amazing things about the regimen that I feel I would like to move to that method completely. However, here are my reservations...

One, I know that bp can make your skin exta sensitive to the sun, so I am nervous about putting an entire application to my face in the AM. I live in a very sunny state (Louisiana), so I do not want to risk darkening my skin further (oh btw, i'm african american)

Two, since I have already been using a low and high concentration bp on my skin, will my skin have to go through the uncomfortable skin adjustment period?

Three, will I experience an initial breakout if I move towards this entire face application method?

Thanks for reading all. I was a disheartened when I had to return to this site not as a success story, but I know that this is a super supportive community that can help me through my process.

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Don't worry about the sun, you can always use a moisturizer that has SPF in it. Or you could use an oil free sunblock too if you're really going to be in the sun a lot. I figure when I go to the beach this summer, I will only use BP at night and just apply a good SPF during the day. Other than that I'm not in the sun, so I don't wear sunscreen.

I would definitely recommend slowly working your dosage up to the full amount. I have been using BP since I was probably 12 or 13 and I thought ohh my skin's used to this stuff I can handle it. Hah! No.

You most likely will have an initial breakout but honestly, it'll clear up quickly and it will never be as bad as some breakouts you might have had in the past. The results in the end are worth it!

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I second everything that whatthekell says (hey Kell, this seems to be a habit! :) ) Using BP will make you more sensitive to the sun, but I live in Perth Australia and we have very long and very hot summers (eg every day this week is forecast to be over 40 degrees C or 104 degrees F) and I've followed the regimen for the past 5 months with no ill effects from the sun. I just religiously apply sun screen on my face each day.

Yes, you will probably break out (most of us did) in the initial weeks, yes you will suffer dryness, itchiness and burning but if you follow the regimen exactly and stick with it, those first 1-3 months of suffering will pass and you will be rewarded with clear/clearer skin. What have you got to lose? :)

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