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Jojoba Oil Versus Coconut Oil

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Hi there!

I am getting the hang of posting on this forum! Feel really lucky, I have found such a forum, full off people who experience the same and share their knowledge!

Anyway, I have changed my diet about 2 weeks ago. Stopped with eating bread during the week, only when I am visiting my family during the weekends. Lots of vegetables, and fruits and nuts. Moreover, more than 3 liters of water a day, mostly herbs tea, no caffeine and I stopped with eating 86% dark chocolate, although I really have an addiction towards it, and on top of all that I lowered the amount of milk related products.

To get to the point:

Dan and many others are really fan of Jojoba oil. As in my diet, I changed butter for organic coconut oil, and websites clame that coconut oil is a great product to moisturize your skin, I was wondering whether I could use my coconut oil for my skin as well? Or should I buy jojoba oil?

Thanks in advance!

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First of all, I felt the need to say that your 86% chocolate may not necessarily be something you have to give up entirely. Dark chocolate can be quite a beneficial thing! But be wary of added sugars, is all. ;)

Good for you on changing your diet; some people may not see benefits to their skin, but there is no denying that it is beneficial overall to adopt a more healthy diet! You'll feel amazing in a bit.

So - as for this - everyone will have a different opinion and different answers. I personally do quite well with jojoba; love the stuff. Other people don't. Coconut oil I use ALL over my body, but was wary to use it on my face... until recently, when I read it contains lauric acid, which is quite good for acne-prone skin! But again: some people have had bad experiences, others good. It all depends.

If you already have the jojoba, give it a shot! See how it goes. Or same with the coconut oil.

My biggest advice is NOT to do what I did and overload your poor skin. I went into a frenzy and had a regimen that involved so many steps I wasn't even sure what I was doing; I just kept applying things (albeit mainly natural, but still). Your skin will do best with a simple, straight-forward regimen, so remember that, okay?

Best o' luck!

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Ukulala thanks for replying!

Today I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me Differin gel as a preparation on the treatments I will get in about 4 weeks:

ND Yag laser treatment (says to kill the acne bacteria and heat your skin so stuck sebum will get free access ) and IPL treatment in combination with Peeling based on salicylzuur, ofcourse not all together and only 2 as my insurance will not cover more.

So before and after those treatments I hope I can get my acne under control with the following routine:


Wash my face with Dan cleanser

Apply a little bit of BP

Moisturize and apply sunscreen

Evenings each other day:

Wash my face with Dan cleanser

Apply a little bit of Differin

Other evening:

Wash my face with Dan cleanser


As for the cocosnut oil, I will use it to apply it all over my body as you suggested it and I used while I am cooking.

I will make some pictures to show how my face actually looks like and what my problem area is.

Staying positive is always the key to get the best out of yourself!

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Whatever oil you decide on, kick it up with Tea Tree Oil. Make sure the solution contains 5-20% Tea Tree Oil and it will really clear up all your acne in a few weeks.

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CO is great internally, but externally I'm not entirely convinced. I used it for a while and it seemed to be working well for a few days and then it really seemed to dry my skin out. Like noticeable flaking dry. I've heard of the same thing happening to others too but I've also read plenty of people who swear by it. Go figure. Jojoba oil is the less problematic of the two either way if we're talking about topical application.

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Whatever oil you decide on, kick it up with Tea Tree Oil. Make sure the solution contains 5-20% Tea Tree Oil and it will really clear up all your acne in a few weeks.

Yeah and then new acne will pop up the following week...I know the cycle all too well

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Because tea tree oil has, at least in my case, irritating aspects. Quoted from Wikipedia: In the treatment of moderate common acne, topical application of 5% tea tree oil has shown an effect comparable to 5% benzoyl peroxide, albeit with slower onset of action.

My dermatologist has kept a list of ingredients to avoid in any products for the skin and one of those ingredients is tea tree oil.

Anyway, what might not work for me, could work for you ;)

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