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i have moderate acne. barely any on my face, some on my chest, lots on my back, little on neck, and VERY LITTLE on shoulders. the only problem is, i have a completely healthy lifestyle! i change my sheets a lot, i wash with antibacterial acne soap every night and morning (sometimes in the afternoon), i always wear loose clothes (for the past two years), and my diet is good. i also exercise a lot, and right after i exercise i shower with a light wash.

i also exfoliate my skin daily. i have no idea what i am doing wrong!!! the acne on my shoulders has almost completely gone away but nothing else will! what am i doing wrong for my back and chest?!

the only reason i got it in the first place is because i used to never shower, but i made this change over 2 years ago. i cannot use creams like proactive because my skin is too sensitive.

please help!

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Im not expert but it sounds like you could be washing your skin too much. It could be irritated, especially if your sensitive.

Also if you take your showers hot, try turning down the heat a bit. It helped me a little bit when i tuned down the heat. Hot showers would make my skin dry and fall off. And i read somewhere that hot showers are worse because your opening pores on your back then drying yourself with a towel possible covered in bacteria?

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I agree, washing too much could be the problem. I also had a lot of trouble with proactiv. If you have oily skin, I would try Powderma. That's what I've been using for my back and it has worked really well. Doesn't make my skin red an itchy like proactiv did.

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