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Sarah Borg

Not Sure About Retin-A And Bp... :/ Help

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Hi everyone, I've been suffering from acne and extremly oily skin from about the age of 13.

My skin improved but I never finished the whole regimen they gave me and never repeated the products and worse than that I used to pick on my acne too much.

Lately I've been using BP cream and my face turns out to be OILER than it is...(my face is extremly oily).It seems that I cant improve anymore...I've got some acne on my cheeks and chin and red sports which I believe they are scars (not sure because my cheeks feel smooth but I have like red sports underneath the skin surface..://) I also got redness i different parts of my face and extremly large pores around my nose and on the apple of my cheeks..

Should I start using Retin-A since it helps with acne scars?

I am very scared that it will make my face worse... :/

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there are alot of things you can do to reduce oil in your skin. i believe there are certain vitamins you can take once a day to reduce the oil production. also these redmarks you are talking about. as long as they are not actually indented into the skin you will be fine these are not scars they are post redmarks left after acne leaves. usually this marks are more brighte in color and take a little longer when you pick at acne. this is why it is so important to not pick at acne while its there! it seems like it makes the zit and nasty stuff inside of it go away faster but then you pay for it in the end! anyways they will go away with time it usually takes about a full month. as for retina a no i would not use this at all along with no chemical creams at all to speed up the process. you should let you skin heal itself naturally. ALSO alot of people have reported that BP prolongs redmarks and makes them brighter as well. so unfortunately all these things you thought you were doing good for your face(which it probably did help with the acne itself) are actually the reason why you think the marks are so bad! im actually surprised that you are so oily from bp because many people have also reported that bp drys your skin out immensively.. hows your face looking now? is it red and irritated at all where the active acne is?

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