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Help Please. What Kind Of Acne Do I Have?

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Hey everyone (: so I really need help with figuring out what kind of acne i have. i couldnt post a picture so il try my best to describe it and hopefully someone can help me! Im a teen in high school and ive been trying to get rid of my acne for years. ): it really sucks cause i wear makeup everyday to cover it up but it doest get rid of the real problem. My skin gets really oily around my nose and forhead. Im currently using Paulas Choice 2% BHA Gel and Perrigo 5% benzoyl peroxide. ive been using these two for about 3 weeks but ive used this type of products before. What i do is put the gel on and wait 30 minutes then apply the BP.

What my skin looks like:

I have these little skin colored bumps on my forehead and cheeks. They look kind of "soft" and when i squeeze them a whiteish thing comes out . The skin colored bumps dont itch. They kind of look like they have a veryvery tiny hole and it looks sort of blackish in the middle of it. As for my chin i have tons of these little tiny plug looking things where if i stretch my chin out the plugs are poking out. theyre whiteish and i can pull them out with tweezers. i have no idea what to do for this. If someone can please help me id really appreciate it (: ive been trying really hard researching on Acne.org for what to use on my skin but i dont know what kind of acne i have. Any help is really appreciated! Thanks (:

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no i really dont think those products are helping. just because benzoyl peroxide isnt really for comedonal acne. if i were you i will go to a dermatologist just because that was kind of how my acne started again after it cleared up. all of those little bumps are going to keep spreading and make bigger pimples.

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i went to the doctor and he gave me the bp. i didnt think that would really work either but he told me to use it so i just decided to try. i put some pictures up of my face.

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