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hi so idk if this is the right place to post this...

so after much thought and concideration, i am finally ready go to on Accutane...after 2 oppurtunities of being able to, i backed out. So i know for girls you have to go and get a pregnancy test and wait 30 days and then get another one in the form of a blood test also. So i did the first test, waited 30 days and then backed out. Of course! (im very indecisive) but now i think i want to get it but its around 19 days past the day when i got the ok to get the blood test. Do i have to start from scratch again and get the first pregnancy test? is there a time frame when i could get the blood test?

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So I know how you feel about backing out of accutane. They make it a big scary thing when they talk to you about it and give you that awful book that describes everything that could go wrong. And its harder on girls too with all the extra pregnancy tests and stuff and how embarrassing it is to be asked if your pregnant when your still in high school. I know you said you were nineteen but I was fifteen on my first course. I'm seventeen now and on my second course. But don't be scared because if you take care of yourself and watch yourself while on accutane you will be fine. you just have to be aware of your body and if your body reacts strangely then to know that you need to contact your doctor. Also you said that you took the first test. If you waited thirty days then you will probably have to start over but its definitely worth it. Just contact your derm or doctor and find out what you have to do to restart. But I can definitely tell you from experience that accutane is definitely worth it. It maybe hell when your on it but it is well worth it. But definitely choose to do it! I hope I helped :)

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It took me 5 months to actually start my treatment on Accutane. I didn't back out but I missed an appointment, which screwed up the 30 days. Then switched doctors, and had to be in the system for another 30 days and yadayada - 5 months later, I got my first pack.

I've been on it 10 days, and I'm really glad I got my ass in line and make a point to make the dates. I'm pretty bad with picking up scripts on time, making appointments hehe. I haven't had any side effects yet, but it's only been 10 days. Honestly, the antibiotics I was taking before this made me feel so naseous that any chapped lips or dry skin will be a breeze. But I will say, it feels good to be doing something real for my acne, treating the cause and not just the symptoms. It's interesting because that's the point of medicine! And its only now that we actually have something to treat the cause of it. Good luck :)

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