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Mild, Persistent, Inflammed Acne W/ 1 Cyst- Help

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so this is the first time ive posted here even though ive been reading posts here for almost a year now

my forehead, nose, cheeks, upperlip are all clear. maybe an occasional small whitehead. my chin? its a mess at times.

i would call it mild (maybe 5-6 zits) but they are persistent and inflamed. My chin is rarely clear.

i get one cyst a month. maybe im using the wrong term. i know cysts are 5mm- this is smalled. but its like a tiny pea is stuck under my skin and its red and inflamed.

i do what wynne says and ice, take ibuprofen and dont touch it. i do use tea tree oil on it twice daily (as i do with the rest of my pimples) i have benzaclin cream from the dr (antibiotic BP) for spot treatment and i do use that too.

i cannot figure out why i get these inflamed zits, only on my chin, and keep on getting a "cyst" (or nodule maybe i should call it) every month.

  • ive been very low dairy for about 4 weeks
  • and almost no gluten at all for 2 weeks (and plan to keep going and only consume gluten 1 day a week)
  • i drink nothing but water and green/white teas
  • exercise 3-4 times a week (training for a triathlon)
  • take omega 3 (2 daily) vitamin d (3 daily) calcium/magnesium/zinc, folic acid, b12,6,9 and acedopihilis
  • i spot conceal my pimples maybe 2 or 3 times a week for a couple of hours when i go out (i work from home) so no makeup otherwise
  • all my products are paraben free (hair, makeup, skincare, soaps)
  • i wash my face in the AM and PM with origins cleanser (which has absolutely nothing in it- havent had luck with medicated cleanser)
  • i use a paraben free, frangrance free, oil free lotion with spf twice daily
  • spot treat with the benzaclin and tea tree oil

Any ideas? This has been going on for a couple of years now. Maybe 3. I had bad skin as an early teen, then it cleared up for about 4 years, then in my early 20s this started again. My skin is better in the summertime too.

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You should definitely try a combination birth control pill! :) Something like Yaz or Yasmin - they are both quite effective at stopping hormonal breakouts. If the pill is not effective enough on it's own, you can add it spironolactone or a topical medicine or two. Sadly, this is not fail proof - I have the exact same type of acne, and I still get the occasional cyst, but it's much better than before. Definitely ask your doctor about it!

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okay! whats in a combo birth control pill? vs a regular one? i have taken orthotricyclen for about 12 years now...

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Do not take YAZ! That was the worst thing I ever put in my body. I had taken other bcs before, orthotricyclen, loestrin, etc and none of them gave me side effects like Yaz did. I knew the risks with yaz before taking it, but I was so desperate to get clear skin I did not care! It started to work great around 2 1/2 months but it was not worth the HORRIBLE side effects so I stopped taking it.

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yeah i dont think im going to. im going to add some extra zinc and b5 to my vitamin plan and keep going with the gluten free thing (its only been 3.5 weeks now) and see how it goes...

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