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Deka Smartxide Dot Vs. Sciton Profractional

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Ok I need to make a choice. One derm has the Sciton Profractional and another has the Deka SmartXide DOT.

I believe the Sciton is an erbium laser and its ablative. The SmartXide is CO2 and its also ablative.

Here's the thing:

The Sciton is 2500 bucks and this includes a little tca cross before the laser. Only 1 laser treatment which from what I read no doc on here has ever just recommended 1 treatment. My derm never did recommend multiple treatments and I even asked her.

The SmartXide is dirt cheap because a derm is doing a Groupon for it now. 900 for 2 treatments, 1300 for 3 treatments.

I think I'm going to buy both because the SmartXide is so damn cheap for me not to pull the trigger.

Any advice on either? Has anyone done either.....and results?

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I have been thinking of getting the SmartXide as well, but just on cheeks and a pretty reputable doctor charges around $1200 for that, according to the secretary. So that is a good deal, but you have to wonder if that doctor has a bad rep and can't drum up enough business so is using the groupon. I think the skill of the doctor is just as important as the machine. I don't really think the machine will do a whole lot for my deeper scars but it may help all over light scarring and I am kind of curious about it. But I have to decide. Anyone with stories on the SmartXide, like long term results chime in, please!

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