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Wanted To Get Your Thoughts On My Regimen

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Hey guys, well im new to the message boards. I wanted to see what you all thought about my daily regimen. I am very confused, because I feel as if the steps that I am doing to cure my acne/scars is not helping. I live in a town where there is only two dermatologists and usually takes about 6-8 months to make an appointment to get consultation. So I have turned to this forum, so hopefully I can get some good information.

When I was about 17 years old I had acne/scars but they eventually disappeared with time. I thought I had finally grown out of my acne stage. Well now im 25 yrs old and im back to that acne/scar phase. I have had acne/scar issue for the last two years and it has killed my life socially. I am very self concious now. I am posting two pics of my face, (right cheek, left cheek) below. Hopefully someone on this board can help me out. I have been thinking perhaps I should try either TCA peels or Glycolic acid peel. My acne is not that bad, I usually have a breakout perhaps once or twice a month, but whats killing me are my red/dark marks. I never even touch my acne and once it goes away, it always leaves scars.

As of right now, my daily acne treatment procedures goes like


1) wash face with regular dove "frseh cool soap bar"

2) apple differn cream 0.1%


3) wash face with neutrogena face wash (salicylic acid 2%)

4) apply clearasil on spotted areas (10% benzoyl peroxide)


5) wash face with regular dove soap bar

6) apply BenzaClin (clindamycin 1% + Benzoyl Peroxide)

^^perhaps my regimen is wrong? My skin is very oily. So if someone who has more knowledge on this, can you please let me know? Perhaps just using moisturizer or trying proactiv or one of those chemical peels (TCA or Glycolic) might help???? Regardless, below are my pics. Thanks

pic 1


pic 2


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I definitely think you're washing your face too much. Stick to 2 times a day (morning/night)! I also don't think the bar soap is doing you any good. What about moisturizer? You need to moisturize after washing...even if your skin is oily! If you skip moisturizing, your skin produces MORE natural oil. Please consider changing your regimine ASAP!

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Welcome to the boards. I would say you need to tweak your regimen a little.

Morning -

Wash (you would be much better off using Dan's cleanser or Purpose cleanser - Dan's being the preferred). The soap may be clogging your pores a bit.

Possible add in toner here

Medication as prescribed

Sunscreen SPF 30 - sunscreen is always important but even more so when using topical medicaitons.

Moisturize (I would recommend Dan's over any other store brand for being acne-friendly).


Wash (again recommend Dan's - you don't need multiple cleansers and Dan's is gentle enough to use 3x day)

Spot treat with BP



Add in toner


Since you say you have oily skin and are looking to reduce your acne scars, the toner below might work really well for you. Not only would it help with your oil control during the day, but it has 4% glycolic that will help fade your acne scars.


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First, washing 3x a day is too much. That is causing unnecessary irritation which causes acne. Here is exactly what I do and use, and it works perfectly.


Wash with purpose gentle cleanser

Apply dan's bp all over face

Moisturize with clean and clear dual action moisturizer + 2-3 drops of jojoba oil (about to try dans moisturizer for the first time though once it gets here)


Wash same as morning

Bp same as morning

Moisturize same as morning but with 5 drops of jojoba oil

Honestly, follow dans regimen exactly and you will likely be clear within a couple months. It is worth the time and effort. Read his pages about their regimen, watch the videos, follow his guid for buying products. I would recommend at least buying his bp though, if not any of his others. It is the best you will find.

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Wow thank you guys for all that information. I really appreciate it

im actually trying to find "dans cleanser". Where can i find it at?

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Thank you. I just ordered the cleanser and moisturizer. I will be starting a new diet regimen on top of these new products. I will post results in a month of my new regimen. Thank you

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