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Allergy Testing - Where Do I Go From Here

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Hello, i have been exploring the holistic forums for a while and have implemented several of the tools used by others such as supplements and a gluten free/dairy free diet. My question is this:

I have been diagnosed with prediabetes and have adjusted my diet accordingly (eating complex carbs but limiting them to 2X per day - not ready to give them up entirely). i am also trying to gain weight thrrough weight training and i am finding it extremely difficult to eat my quota of 2500 calories per day.

I did an allergy skin test today - the blood test results will be in by next week (IGE as they don't offer IGG) and the only food that i currently eat that was red flagged was almonds :-( Almonds helped my calorie bump amazingly and now i need a replacement for it. Any suggestions?

I was thinking walnuts but there seems to be conflicting reports as to whether it is inflammatory or not. From a prediabetic standpoint, it is great for keeping glucose levels stable.

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just wanted to say we have some similarities. I take many of the same supplements and have made alot of dietary changes in hopes of clearing my skin. I have had allergy testing but everything came back negative. I've lost a ton of weight and need ideas on how to increase it because I know I'm not eating the reccomended dose calorie wise for my size and weight..5'9 130lbs (44 yrs old female). I might try green smoothies to see if it helps..i try to only eat 2 meals with "good carbs" but sometimes I need them at every meal...what kind of things do you snack on during the day? Im so afraid of walnuts because they might break me out...

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well before i tested reactive for almond butter, i did almond butter ( 2tbs 190cal). I also do avocadoes (1 - 200 calories) For your green smoothies, you can add 2 tbs coconut oil (virgin) 240 calories and add olive oil to everything (120 c per tbs). I try to eat 2100-2300 calories per day with 5 small meals - carbs are at breakfast, lunch and pre workout meal. I am 20 5'8 and 140lbs trying to build muscle and gain weight to 150lbs. How's your acne doing with the restrictions? I don't see much of a difference but i feel healthier -don't want to lose much more weight though

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