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Raw Organic Honey And Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hello!! I'm not sure if this has been written about before on one of the boards but I just wanted to tell my story about this regimen!

First, let me start off by saying I'm 24 years old, and I've had acne since I was in the 6th grade. (Roughly 13 years) I have been to several family doctors in multiple state (I moved around a couple of times) and several different dermatologists. I have been on everything from minocycline to dxycycline, benzaclin, OCP's (which didn't help one bit) benzyl peroxide, clindamyacin, the topical Retin-A creams and combinations of several of these, Skin ID, Proactive and every OTC wash that's out there. Nothing has ever cleared up my skin. It was getting to the point where I was starting to get the cystic type acne. The next step for me according to the dermatologist was going to be accutane. Being a nursing student and seeing all the ads on TV about how it's causing intestinal problems, and wanting to have a baby sometime soon in the future, I knew that wasn't an option I was willing to do.

I was talking to my neighbor (who has about the same type of skin as me, and has tried everything under the sun as I have) and she was telling me about using raw organic honey and apple cider vinegar. She said that she'd been using it and the results were awesome for her. So I did a little research online to check it out and decided to try it.

Within 3 days I could see a HUGE difference. It is like a miracle treatment to me. I used to have acne completely covering my cheeks and once in a while one or 2 on my forehead, but the worst area was on my cheeks. I also have a lot of dark red scarring from popping pimples and picking at them and other stuff. Since I've been using this stuff (about 2-3 weeks) my pimples have almost completely disappeared and I've only had 1 or 2 come through since using it. I am SOO happy with the results. I have suffered with acne for YEARS and YEARS and it has been HORRIBLE. I know that this regimen won't work for everybody, but I'm sharing this in the hopes that maybe it will help some people who've been suffering as I have.

Several people have also said that they've noticed a decrease in the redness in my face also. I'm so so on it. I think some of the lighter red is fading and disappearing but I'm not sure if the darker ones are fading or not.

So here's what I do... I do this in the morning and at night:

-Wash with a gentle cleanser (I use Aveno foaming ultra calming for sensitive skin). Dry your face with a towel. (It helps if you change towels frequently)

-Leave the warm water running and get your fingertips wet and gently pat the area where you're gonna put the honey (you don't want it super wet or the honey will slide off, and you don't want it completely dry or the honey won't spread)

-Dip the fingers on your other hand in the honey and rub it in the area where you wet your face. (You have to use RAW ORGANIC honey because regular honey is processed and the healing properties and stuff are cooked out or whatever)

-Leave the honey on for as long as you want... When I first started... i just rubbed it on like a wash then washed it off. Now I use it on as long as I want... I've left it on for up to 3 hours. I read somewhere where they said to leave it on overnight, but it's sticky and I sleep on my side so that doesn't work for me. Usually I leave it on for about an hour then rinse it off

-After you rinse off the honey use diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a toner. I use Bragg's natural organic ACV (this is the BEST to use).. what I did is bought this mini water bottle from wal-mart and when I first started using it I did 1 part ACV to 2-3 parts Water... ACV is an acid so you can't put it straight onto your face or it won't work. When I put it on, it doesn't burn (if it burns, add more water to the mixture) but it does feel tingly... When it stopped feeling tingly when I used it I added more ACV (I think i'm at 50/50 now). Some people say that they use straight ACV but I wouldn't recommend that. I put it on one of those cotton rounds and then apply it to my face. Some people say you should rinse off your face afterwards but I don't.

-Apply lotion (YOU NEED LOTION or your face will overdry and make the problem worse) In the morning I use Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturizer (not the one with AHA in it) and at night I use the Neutrogena light night moisturizer.

I have had Amazing results with this routine and am FINALLY starting to see clear skin after YEARS of horrible acne. I hope this works for some of you!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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