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Finally Something That Cleared My Skin, After Ten Years Of Trying...

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I'm not claiming this will work for everyone, but I have been 99% clear for 3 months doing it, this includes through uni stress, overseas trips with 12 hour plane rides, sunscreen use, bad diet, drinking etc etc. I actually have no spots at the moment.

I'm late 20's, have oily skin prone to regular red spots, a few big cysts every couple weeks, whiteheads every so often, and generally my skin looks(ed) pretty crap without makeup. I would usually have about 5-10 pimples at any time plus little clogged bumps, oiliness.

Since I was 18 or so I have tried pretty much everything else that my skin could tolerate, found out I'm allergic to BP and teatree oil, and neutrogena, so, fun times.

Now I use an exfoliating cloth morning and night with water and a clean and clear salicylic acid wash (less than 2%). I also used their blackhead one which I didnt like. I dont think this part matters that much though.

I dry my face and apply large pea blob of natural aloe gel mixed with 3-4 drops tamanu oil as a moisturiser.

That's it, and its no problem if I miss an application, touch my face, use makeup, face sunscreen. My skins much less oily and nicer toned.

I didn't actually expect it to work, I switched to tamanu after good results with neem but the stench was so bad. I find its actually better though!

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I'm glad that it works for you! I have some question about your acne if you don't mind. Do you know what was the caused of your acne? Was it diet or hormonal? How did you find out about tamanu oil?


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Aloe vera works really good on skin. You can also grind it and make a juice out of it, add a pinch of salt and consume it everyday, it s really good for your skin!

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