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Redness, cysts, etc.

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Little info on me:

22 yr. old. Mild acne, used to have severe but eventually it was reduced to mild. I mostly have the white bump acne, white heads I guess, and black heads on my nose. Occasionally I get cysts and inflammed acne around the corner of my jawbone and neck areas.

Okay so here is some problems I have been having. I have started the regimen and see some clearing up. I just ordered the Gel, so I should be clearing right up when I get that. Anyhow, the past 2 years I have developed some redness right below my right eye, below the bag that is under my eye. It is very odd. It is always red, and sometimes i get a TINY little black head or white head in that area, so i squeeze it out gently and then the whole area goes very red. This redness is not a result of BP, because for years I was only using a cleanser and that is when it showed up. It seems to be some sort of skin damage?

2nd problem. I get these huge cysts once in a while, and some of the ones I got a year or so ago are still there. Seems they have just decided to make a permanent home in my skin, they aren't red and no pain, just feels like I have a little ball in my skin. I have tried many things like neosporin, tooth paste, lots of BP. No change. Can these be removed by non-doctoral means or would I have to see a dermo for this kind of stuff.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to anything. Thanks.

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Pertaining to your redness under your eye i have no clue whats going on there, sorry.

About those cysts you get a derm might be able to get rid of them for you. I wouldn't try anything myself if they are not that bad just because i wouldn't want a scar or something in its place.

Best of luck.

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