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Glycolic Acid Peels

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Hey all,

Right now, my acne is beginning to go away but I've realized I have a mix of large and/or scarred pores as well as some uneven skin. I was thinking about doing some glycolic acid peels for this, maybe starting with 35% and running them every two weeks to see if this helps? Is this the right way to go about this? Any good brands that people would recomend?

Currently, I'm using salicylic acid in liduid form in the morning and benzoyl peroxide at night.

I also have some larger rolling and boxcar scars. I'm thinking about seeing how a peel does before trying more aggressive techniques like dermarolling or lasers (in fact, I'm not doing lasers, they seem hit or miss and for the amount they cost...).

I also have olive skin.

Thanks for the input!

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when i did glycolic acid peels, i brought them from http://www.skinlaboratory.com/.

i would start with the 35 percent, since that is the lowest level, but be very careful especially if you have sensitive skin. i once gave myself a nice acid burn on my chin from leaving it on too long. don't expect to be getting a professional peel from one use. when they say 35 percent, they mean once you use the entire bottle you will have had one 35 percent peel done as if at a derm. so, it might take 3 months to do one successful peel. does that make sense? I would probably dilute your first time, just to get an idea of how your skin will react to it. and the goal is to gradually move up to a level 4, the strongest peel.

i only made it up to a level 2 Glycolac 60%. because i started getting lasers treatments and lasers with glycolic acid do not mix.

there was no improvement in my scars, but i also didn't make it very far either. i have indented scars though. but, for small red marks from old scars it did seem to help alot. the first time, i did break out really bad. but, using these peels once a week really helped to keep my acne under control. i dont break out anymore, but i'm not sure if that is due to the peels, the laser, or the birth control i am on. it's hard to say.

good luck and be careful! dont use more than the instructions say, you can really damage your skin that way. remember, once you do a peel, your skin needs time to heal again. you cant keeping damaging it without letting it heal first.

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