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Help Please! (Pics Included)

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So, little backstory, I've had acne from about ages 16-22 now. I've developed acne along my jawline, and I'm trying to get rid of it. I tried the acne.org regimen for one month, and it seemed to make things worse. My skin became very dry, and the BP burned my face. It also seemed to really pronounce my scars, but perhaps I was only oblivious of them before doing the regimen. Previous to that I have tried:



-I believe retin-A at some point

Currently, I'm drinking lots of water, changing my pillowcase nightly, and avoiding dairy.

My main concern is preventing future scars (as I have enough of those already).

So my questions are:

What would you recommend for the acne? I recently visited a derm and he recommended accutane.

In addition, what types of scars are these, and are they treatable?

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honestly I would try a stricter dietary change before going on accutane. Your acne is not that bad. I think acne around the jawline is hormonal so it may clear up on its own or with a little dietary changes(not saying it will, i know people hate hearing they will grow out of it). I would try a very strict diet for a month just to see if it effects your acne(should see results by then. Something like a strict Candida diet. Also it seems like you have tried very little to clear it up if those couple prescriptions and BP is it. There is a lot more out there. If you want to take the easy way out you can use accutane, lots of times it works but sometimes it doesnt and can have detrimental health benefits which is why it should be researved as a last resort.

also just google scar treatments,there are many out there and can probably help you particular scarring very well

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I would also recommend Accutane. If you've already tried multiple antibiotics without success, you are probably a great candidate for Accutane.

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I have tried so many treatments to include antibiotics, Acne.free, Proactive, retin a, Airborne, vitamin supplements, sulphur, and diet changes (no dairy and no wheat). Some of the products worked for a while than my acne came back because the products stopped working. A lot of the products excessively dried my skin with little results. The Pan oxyl face soap helped get rid of a lot of the cysts, but it dried my skin really bad, made it rough to the touch, and turned it darker. Plus I had to apply moisturizer several times a day to counter the effects. My acne consisted of big painful cysts along my jawline that took days to come to the surface if they came at all. The cysts would still leave a scar even if they did not come to the surface either, uggh! Nevertheless, the only product that helped me to get rid of 97% of the cysts and to bring the remaining cysts to the surface within a 1/2, a day and not leave a scar is this natural product I ordered off Amazon (after someone else recommended it), called Red Clover Stillingia. It is a lifesaver! You drink a little in a small amount of water 2-3 times a day before meals (I started with 3 because I was desperate) and I noticed a big difference within 2 days. If I ran my fingers over my jawline cysts (which developed everyday), I could feel so many bumps and within a few days, I could not feel any cysts. I ran out of the bottle (about $10) and after about a week, my skin was returning to the cystic acne so I ordered 4 more bottles and plan on taking the Red Clover Stillingia as long as it works. I have since reduced my intake to twice a day and hope that I can continue to reduce the dosage. Also, my scars are getting lighter and lighter every day from this product, thank goodness. I used to hate to go out in public because of my acne, it is such a nuisance. Now I can hide my my pigmentation discoloration with makeup until the scars continue to fade. I hope you are not frustrated as I was looking for a cure and I really didn't want to go on Accutane either. This inexpensive natural product is amazing and I hope it helps you like it helped me, goodluck.

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