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Non-Inflamed Acne And Scars (Pics)

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Hi everyone,

I posted this on the non-inflamed acne board as well. I’ve been lurking the forums for a long time but this is my first time posting. I’m a 22 yr. old male with oily skin and my main problem aside from the scars is these bumps under the surface of my skin that are all clustered on my cheeks and chin; they’re not inflamed or painful but they’re hard and give my skin a lumpy feel, and I’ve had them for ages. I haven’t had a breakout in a a long while, however when I sweat I can smell a foul odor coming from my pores so I know pus or sebum must still be in there. Can you help me identify a course of action against these? I've been reading posts on the message boards but can't seem to find a concise answer.

Currently I’m only washing with Cetaphil cleanser and applying Neutrogena dry-touch sunblock as well as The Body Shop Tea Tree skin clearing lotion. Sometimes I make a mask with BC powdered aspirin and Aztec clay. Can you point me in the right direction for starting to treat my scars? I believe they’re icepick but I’m not 100% Thank you all in advance!

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post-166194-0-02842100-1326827473_thumb. post-166194-0-04914800-1326827479_thumb.


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Hey! Have you tried Brevoxyl, or retin A? Those worked for me, but after 3-4 weeks of daily use. You should apply (one of them) 15 minutes after you wash your face. Sometimes you might experience redness and a little swelling, and exfoliating skin, but thats the point, so you can finally make those bumps "explode" and get rid of all that sebum trapped inside of them... But anyhow, my advice is that first you should see a derm. And about the scars, I think tca cross would improve something. I'm not talking from my own experience yet, but I will have my first tca cross in few days...I will post details.

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Thanks for replying! I actually tried Retin A ages ago and it did help clear me up but after continued use it just seemed to stop working. I will look into going to a derm though, if anything to get a clear diagnosis of what all I'm dealing with and get a perscription. Can i ask about your TCa cross? such as which brand and % you went with and where you got it from?

Would something like green cream help me get rid of the bumps? Also, are these all icepicks??

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