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Ive had acne since age 10 and now my acne is finally starting to clear with the exception of at least 1-2 large whiteheads forming on my face and blackheads. I have so many acne scars because of popping the whiteheads( i cant help it i hate seeing them on my face), and am trying various things but they are not working. Currently I am using Cliniques dark spot corrector, but I cant tell if its helping me or not. I've also used lemons on face, and have done facials. The spots are brown in color and start out dark in the center, then fade away as they go out. From far away, though they arent that big they look ginormous. I have fair skin, so everything is easily noticeable. I just want freedom from my acne that made me struggle for so long. And the scars are a terrible set back :/ Any advice? Products?

please help. I hope and wish someone someday finds the cure for acne so no one has to ever suffer from it again >.<

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ive been using only the spot corrector for almost 2 wks now. I do see some difference,(other than small white heads). The scars that were light have become lighter..not sure about the dark ones though..

this is my regime that has worked wonders clearing my acne (evn bttr than proactive)!

morning- use aveeno clear complexion bar or neutrogena normal skin bar

- clinique spot corrector

- sunscreen!

night- aveeno clear complexion scrub (amazing )

- clinique spot corrector or aloe vera

- clean and clear 10% benozyl peroxide

is my regime hurting my skin? I do have a small patch of red skin on the top part of my cheek....

and going back to my q, anything else you would recommend for the scars?

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Getting rid of acne scars usually uses the application of chemical peels (which can sting, but don't worry).

Do some research on something called "AHA". These are acids put into products that help exfoliate dead skin (granted, at a smaller rate so you have to be persistent)

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