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Aveda/health: What Worked For Me After Many Years.

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I just joined this community because I wanted to share my story, and I hope I can help people with my information.

My skin type: Olive-medium colored skin, oily, sensitive.

My breakouts were on my forehead (after working out), cheeks, jaw line and sometimes reached down to my neck.

They ranged from small pus pockets to cystic.

I'm female, so they also did flare up even more before my menstrual cycle, so it could have been a hormonal thing as well. Not really sure.

I've tried:

ProActive, Acne Free (Regular/Sport/Severe), Clean and Clear (10% ben. peroxide), Tetracycline, Birth Control, Deoxycycline, prescription ben. peroxide ranging from 4%-14%, Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Retin A - low dosage, Regular soaps, Oil of Olay, Cindy Crawford line, Umm well the list goes on and on. Basically everything else you can find at wal-mart, cvs, walgreens.

My skin got really bad for a couple of years until I decided to see a dermatologist and you can see above^ what he gave me. The only thing that worked from what he prescribed me was Deoxycycline, a strong one at that (prevents and treats lyme disease? wth?). My skin cleared up really well. After 3 months I stopped taking them. I wanted to see if my skin would stay clear without the antibiotic. Well of course it didn't. I CHOSE to not take an antibiotic for the rest of my life and I was on a mission to find a cure without an antibiotic. I'm a microbioligist/lab tech so I'm pretty anal with what kind of antibiotic I put into my body.

I stopped working out to see maybe it was a sweat gland problem. I still had breakouts. It's been a year later and they were progressively getting worse, I was getting my cystic acne again.

I finally sought an esthetician and tried facials. Hmm nope, THAT didn't work. She then recommended Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant to get rid of all the dead cells on my skin and help clean my pores, and i didn't listen to her. The voice in the back of my head was (I have no hope, nothing will work, don't waste your money on expensive crap).

Few weeks later I'm using Cetaphil, okay, that helped a LITTLE. It was slowly improving but still breaking out a bit, my skin was getting less tender, I was liking it.. but after a while.. my skin went right back to severe break outs. Cetaphil wasn't working as well anyway.

2 months ago I broke out in severe clustered cysts and nodules on my cheeks. I was... embarrassed. I cried and lost all hope, and there was no way I was going to result to Accutane.

I finally sucked it up, and went back to my esthetician and begged for her help and asked more about the Aveda products. Aveda products were my last resort, because they're pretty pricey.

I bought:

Aveda *Outer Peace* foaming cleanser (dissolves oil and sebum w/o over drying)

Aveda *Botanical Kinetics* Exfoliant (removes dull surface cells)

Aveda *Botanical Kinetics* Toning Mist (Helps balance and refresh)

How I used it:

Foaming cleanser morning and night (sometimes during the day if I had time) and before and after workouts.

Exfoliant every other day at night after cleansing (in the beginning I was using it every night) applied with a cotton ball

Toning mist in the morning after cleansing - spray on cotton ball and wipe all over face

and a cheap (equate) oil-free moisturizer after each exfoliant /cleanse ( because you'll notice a little bit of drying/ not over drying)

I literally saw results with-in a week.. and I've been on this regimen for 2 months, and my skin gets better every day.

I don't know what it is. It's just a miracle.

Other rituals I've been doing: Drinking lots of water daily/probiotics/ fiber -- Your bowel movements need to be regular/ vitamins

But anyway.. I hope these products work for you! Its definitely worth a try. I know not everyone has the same skin type, but if you're at your wits end. Try Aveda Outer/Botanical Line -- no benzoyl peroxide.

And if your pocket is tight. Get the exfoliant first, and try it out. Use whatever cleanser you have with salycylic acid > exfoliant > moisturizer. And see how things go. smile.png

Did I mention your bowel movements need to be regular also? GET ALL THOSE TOXINS OUT OF YOUR BODY! haha

Well, if you have any questions, please ask.

-Lydia Saldivar, MT (ASCP)

p.s. I will try to dig up some pictures when I had massive breakouts. It will be hard since I always avoided the camera because of it, but I'm sure there's one somewhere. but for right now, here's a recent pic. I love my skin! you can still see scars... but I'm HAPPY to at least get rid of all my acne. <3 I do however have powder, blush, and eye make-up -- but NO FOUNDATION! for the first time ever! Simplicity at it's finest <3



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