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Extremely Quick Way To Stop Acne And Red Marks

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I've had acne for so long. Even when i slowed down getting zits, I still had countless red marks under my skin. I'm going to explain what I used and why it worked. I take a shower and exfoliate my skin at nights. I don't have a baby brush, so I run my fingernail across the areas of my face that have red marks. That clears off all of the dead skin on top of my skin. This makes your skin make new layers, and will eventually clear all of your red marks. I do it at least once a week to keep my skin looking new and young on top. After my shower, I wash my face with an acne cleanser and wait for it to dry. Then I put on 2.5% BP and wait for it to dry, or soak in. That will also help with the red marks. Next, i put on clindamycin phosphate (you need a prescription for this), and wait for that to soak in, then go to bed. Clindamycin phosphate helps with inflammation of acne. It makes your skin look SO good. And using it with BP helps because the bacteria on your skin cannot become accustomed to it. The next morning, i wash my face, getting rid of any leftover treatment left on my face. After i wait a little while for my face to dry, there is sometimes a little dry skin, mostly because of the exfoliation, if you did it the day before. I put some moisturizer on this and it usually takes care of the problem. I also wash my face every once in a while during the day, to keep it clean.

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