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Using a glycolic peel whilst on the regimen?

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I am on the regimen-plus using a SA gel at night with BP....and always using eurcien moisturizer.

I am interested in the glycolic acid peel 30% to help fade red marks and light scarring on my cheeks.

But should i use the peel while on the regimen? If anyone does...can you tell me how you adapt the regimen to prevent irratation?

The site i am looking at is- www.perfectskin.uk.com

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Hey, don't do the glycolic whatever you do! It causes severe irritation and break out! Even derma are getting away from it now saying that it may age the skin worse.

Try this, lactic acid 40% at home peel. Much less irritating and cheap!


You can do this 1x week once your skin adjusts. I usually follow up with a microdermabrasion in a jar to help slough the skin about 5 days post peel.

www.skinplanet.com (superskin, microdermabrasion in a jar!)


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thnx rachel.

There is also a SA 14% peel....would this be okay to use? seeing as i use SA in my wash and as a gel at night, then surely this would be okay?

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I would reccomend you to stop using the SA if you want to try the glycolic. I have been using the glycolic for some time and think its great just don't leave it on to long. I use a 20% each eveing after I wash for 5 minutes then rinse off throughly.

Glycolic or lactic all fall under the category of AHA's, atleast glycolic acid has been proven effective.

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rachel, where did you hear that glycolic ages? i've been using a sa cleanser that has glycolic in it for years, i hope i don't look older. it's the only stuff that works for me. but i will stop using it if it will age me, i'm already old enough...

thnx rachel..

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Hi guys,

I think glycolic acid products are awesome but clinical specialists are not doing the glycolic peels as much. If you've ever had one, they really cause the skin under your eyes to dry and look old. The last technician I spoke with said the MD's are finding that burning the skin may not be the solution, but gentle exfoliation and home peels are better long term. I used glycolic for years but I hit a plateau which they say is common. I switched to lactic acid which is much milder for drier skin and this helped. As far as SA, it is the beta-hydroxy, and i think it's all personal preference since everyone's skin is different. If it works for you, do it. I have never had luck with SA, but i'm post accutane (2.5 times) very dry with cloggy skin. Exfoliation is a must for me, but too much will cause major breakout with peeling. I wanted to let everyone know too that i found and amazing discovery: you can mix one vit e capsule with your mosterizer at night to tolerate any of these acids better to prevent the irritation. MAKE sure that you use the d-alpha tocopherol form with NO fillers, esp. soybean OIL! GNC carries it, i like the 400mg size. It will make you dewy but you're skin will love it, that's why i use it at night after bp, with the Eucerin when the sides of my nose peels or after lactic acid peels. Good luck everyone, hope this helps a little, keep me posted if you try any of this, i would love feedback, Rachel tongue.gif

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Lactic acid is less irritating but works slower than Glycolic acid. Also, anything over 8% AHA is considered very irritating.

Lactic Acid vs. Glycolic Acid

You may be wondering what the difference is between a lactic acid peel and a glycolic acid peel. While both peeling agents have equivalent results, the following chart shows that lactic acid peels have many benefits over glycolic acid peels.

Lactic Acid 70%

Lactic acid is a normal metabolite for mammals.

It has no toxicity.

With its longer reaction time, lactic acid is safer than glycolic acid.

There is a better control of the peel without burning.

Lactic acid enhances the absorption of other substances, like lanolin or OPC (in the Theraderm RS-OPC Reparative Gel), which glycolic acid cannot do.

Lactic acid is a superb humectant -- it attracts water molecules already present in your skin to the surface, making it an effective moisturizer.

There is a minimal chance of adverse effects.

Glycolic Acid 70%

Glycolic acid is of vegetable origin (non-mammalian).

Toxic complications have been reported.

There is a rapid reaction time.

There is less control of peel irritation.

There have been many reported incidents of adverse effects, like discoloration and scarring.

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20% GA for five minutes a day!!!! I m suprised you still have skin left (no offense). But thats just extreme.

As for the aging thins University of Penn did the study. It has to do with the Haymen(?) principle. Your skin cells can regenrate so many times before they plateau, and peels just speed that up so you hit the plateau faster. Its something along those lines...

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