First, my history of Acne...If you don't feel like knowing my background, scroll down. -I've had acne from the time I was 12 until 19. I had tried numerous medications for acne, some that worked to kill bacteria so acne couldn't form, and others that worked to balance hormones. Nothing worked and the only time I had perfect skin were the three months during the summer when my acne always clears up. I never cared about having acne until I was about 16 because I thought there was nothing that could be done for me. I accepted having acne on my entire back, chest, and face. Then I finally got tired of watching my friends eat whatever they wanted and still have awesome looking skin, while I had to suffer every time I looked in the mirror. That began my addiction to finding out everything I could about acne so i could figure out how to fix it myself. Anyway, eventually the research began taking over my life. Anytime I wasn't on the computer, thoughts about what I was learning would run through my head, changing my social life greatly. I couldn't help it. I wasnt going to settle for anything less than perfect skin. I've tried many different natural supplements over the past couple years, making sure to include supplements that work together or aid in absorption. If it cleared me up 75% but could never get me to flawless skin, I'd start over with something different. Supplements and remedies Ive tried include Beta-Carotene, B-complex, Ascorbic Acid, Ester-C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Multi-Vitamins, Zinc, Chromium, Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Spirulina, Barley Grass, Dimpro, Drinking Lime water and Apple Cedar Vinegar, The No-Milk Diet, and of course, Cinnamon. Whenever possible, I also made to sure pay the extra money for the natural supplements with the USP seal, or made sure the Fish Oil and Cod liver oil were from deep sea fish, and not raised on a fish farm. Finally, I've figured out what really causes acne and exactly how to take care of it with one supplement, although I will recommend a few others. Cinnamon--The Acne Miracle and How to Use it Correctly We've all heard how acne is caused by imbalance or excess of hormones, which can cause excess oil and cause skin cells to shed faster, causing a mess of blocked pores waiting for bacteria to infect them. But why can some people stuff their face with greasy foods, sugar, and fats and have flawless skin while we can take supplements and better our diet but have new pimples forming every day? Based on what I've found, it's insulin insensitivity. To say that acne is simply caused by an imbalance of hormones due to puberty is ridiculous. Also, with the No-Dairy diet showing results for many people, it's almost impossible to say that diet isn't related to acne. I read an interesting study where researchers looked into a couple hunter/gatherer tribes that still exist. Out of over 1000 people, not a single one had any form of acne. They go through puberty too, correct? So, that definitely supports that the diet-acne connection is more plausible than just saying the excess hormones cause the acne, although the excess hormones do contribute some, as shown by people who's acne cures up in their early twenties when somes acne ceases. I also read a lot on a person who said they changed their diet to eating vegetables and fruits, and drinking only water. He claimed that, although his acne did get better, he could never get the flawless skin. So I tried it, along with cutting out dairy. My acne did get better, but it wasn't near enough to cure my skin the way I wanted it to. Well, here's the correlation between all of this--it all boils down to insulin. The reason some can cure acne with one simple supplement or by eliminating things in their diet, while others can eliminate everything that should cause acne and still not be cured is due to insulin. Basically, the more sugar(glucose) you ingest, the more insulin that is needed to take care of it. So, I believe that the reason some can be cured by eliminating dairy particularly, while others can't be completely cured, is that the ones who's acne is cured do not have insulin insensitivity while the ones who can't cure it DO have insulin insensitivity. To further back this up, it makes sense if you look at another factor--IGF-1. Insulin-like Growth Factor. When you start puberty, IGF-1 are more abundant as your body is developing so much in those years. Once we are out of the stage of puberty, if insulin insensitivity isn't present, then we should be cured of acne. However, as milk consumption increases, more and more people continue to deal with acne after puberty. Most people believe milk causes acne due to the hormones found in the cow's milk, but I find it is more likely that milk causes acne due to the amount of protein in milk, specifically casein although whey is present too. I say this because protein consumption is linked to the release of IGF-1. IGF-1, like insulin, can cause acne through increased oil production and faster skin shedding rate, hence the name "Insulin-Like". Since dropping milk from my diet helped my acne a bit, I decided to cut out proteins such as beef and chicken as well. My acne got even better after that, but still not perfect. So, I added cinnamon(cassia) to my diet in supplement form, based on a study where people in Pakistan with diabetes were given different amounts of cinnamon each day and had decreased blood glucose levels, cholesterol, and more. After 40 days they were taken off the supplement and the ones who had taken the lowest dose showed that the results stayed with them the longest. Along with that, they found the results were not determinant upon the amount taken, which was even more confusing. So, when I added the cinnamon supplement to my diet I was taking 2g in the morning and 2g in the evening, both after a meal. My acne did get better, but once again, I reached a stopping point that couldn't be crossed. My acne wouldn't get better. So, I did more research to see if their were more studies on the topic. While Pakistan had great success, studies in America were found to be inconclusive--the results couldn't be achieved consistently or as well as the study did in Pakistan. So I thought about that for some time. If the amount taken doesn't result differently, yet lower amounts show results are sustained longer, how can this work? Well, I believe what it's showing is that cinnamon, regardless of amount taken, still affects insulin in the exact same way. However, when taking larger amounts, your body gets more used to and reliant upon the larger amounts. When you stop supplementing, it more or less goes into shock, because rather than being slightly helped with the process using low amounts, your body is used to being pushed by the larger amounts. I also found that the researchers told the patients to take the cinnamon immediately after eating, which led me to believe that the effects the cinnamon will have are based on timing. I concluded, in my opinion, that cinnamon must help the insulin before the insulin is used to break down the sugars. Given this, I decided to take .5g at a time, but instead of just taking it morning and night, I took one immediately after each meal throughout the day. Whether it was 3 times a day or 6 times a day, I only took one .5g cinnamon capsule after each meal. What I found was astonishing. The very first day I started this, I saw results from morning to night. Instead of my face and skin getting oily after each meal, the cinnamon kept my face from becoming extremely oily instantaneously. At this time, I had been avoiding proteins and eating fast food. My acne cleared up completely. So I decided to test myself and ate greasy pizza, McDonald's, and anything else I could find bad, still remembering to take a cinnamon capsule immediately after each meal. It worked the same as it did while I was eating healthy. My acne was barely anything after 3 days of starting this cinnamon experiment, and after a week even the blackheads were gone. I've recently added cod liver oil, B complex, E, and Zinc for overall health and to assist with the healing of acne scars that are still slightly left. Cinnamon was the only thing to ever work completely for me, and I'd say my case of acne was among some of the worst. I'm happier than ever. So, if what I say makes sense to you, or you're as desperate as I was and don't care to try another acne supplement in hopes of reaching flawless skin, cinnamon is worth the try. Remember, Cinnamon (Cassia) - Find a bottle that has .5g supplements and take immediately after any meal. Try to avoid snacking in between meals as much if you tend to do that. If you're looking for better complexion as well, I recommend natural cod liver oil, the liquid form if you can stand it, a good B complex vitamin, natural vitamin E, and Zinc Gluconate or Zinc Picolinate. Remember to look for the USP seal as well as this guarantees freshness and testing for many negative things. I recommend enough cod liver oil to get 10,000 IU of Vitamin A. The B complex should require only 1 pill because the amounts we need are small. Vitamin E, I take 400 IU a day. Make Sure when looking for Vitamin E you get the D-alpha Tocopherol and not the D1-alpha tocopherol as the D1 version is synthetic. And with Zinc, I take 50 mg a day. If you have any questions let me know! Of course, I am not a professional in this field so always consult your doctor before starting a new supplementation for safety!