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Cystic Acne Breakout = Blurgh :(

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i just got cystic breakout from bare minerals

i tried it for the past week and the bismuth has given me 3 big cysts, im used to having acne but not cysts this painful, im on the dkr for a week and it's helping but not as much as i hoped but i know i have to be patient but i just feel so rubbish

if im not crying im hiding


any advice given much appreciated or some support

it's really hard i dont know anyone with proper acne and most just get the odd spot and dont understand :/



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hey first off dont cry or hide youre not alone. i know it feels like we are the only ones with acne in our whole town but you are amoung millions. second the regimen suggested by the site has alot of success stories so since youve already started it stick with it! most people say that they have initial beakouts within the first few weeks and dont see major changes until at least a month in. so you need to be expecting more acne to come but just know that in the end it will be worth it. with the make up im sorry to hear about that! im a male so no make up here but atleast you now know that you break out to these certain types of makeup and can stay away from them.

i myself have never been on the regimen i prefere natural solutions because i believe 'chemicals' actually aggravate the acne even more. But not one thing is for everyone. so dont worry i can assure you you will not have acne forever. just look at the bright side of things and remember that you will soon have acne free skin sometime later. just have positive thoughts!!

goodluck on your regimen!

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thanks for the reply


Yeah I know it takes time, im gunna give it a 6 month go, I do use lemon juice on scars and really want to try manuka honey masks, and I do the baking soda scrub.

Some of the natural things like apple cider vinegar etc sound kind of icky but if this doesn't work might try them.

ill try to not hide or cry i just feel like no one really gets it not my family or friends they all have normal skin


And thanks for the luck

hifive.gif I might start a gallery to chart my skin but i dont know if have the confidence !

anymore advice from others very welcome


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DKR rocks! I've had the opposite experience of dreamingofclearskin, natural stuff has never worked for me. Heres some advice: Until the DKR clears you up, please do not use lemon juice, manuka, or ACV. If you really want, start experimenting once you are like month 2 or 3 of the DKR..trust me, you'll never know what is working and what is not, and you'll end up getting way too frustrated. Also, there is a good chance the ACV or lemon juice will just irritate your skin and make you breakout more.

Also, remember your skin always looks worse to you. Most people don't even notice, or pay much attention to the spots that we obsess over every day.

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yeah i use dkr minus the moisturizer i don't like it lol so i use something else but the bp and cleanser are great.

and i do try to maintain that thought but when i look in the mirror i just go grrr and feel miserable but i'm trying to stay positive because i think the more up beat you are

the sooner you'll be clearer cause you wont focus on the negatives so you wont be stressed and stress can cause acne well to me saywhat.gif


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