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Buying A Microdermabrasion Machine

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Has anyone ever bought a microdermabrasion machine for acne scars and had success? They are cheap compared to blowing 5K on a laser and probably only getting a 20% long term improvement realisticaly.

This is the one I'm looking at mostly. It's like a sandblaster that sandblasts your skin.


There is also some that microabrades your skin with a diamond tipped blade.


I'm a do it yourself type of person. And I would think if you would do a treatment each week for a year I would think you would get decent results even with moderate acne scars.

PS....I have moderate acne scars, mostly rolling and boxcar. Only a few icepick.

A side note: Went to a derm on Thursday and he was really pushing fillers. Spent 850 bucks on one filler syringe for 1 acne scar. What a joke! He wanted me to spend 2200 on 4 filler syringes and the part that pisses me off is they only last 6 months. What a joke! Took him less than 3 minutes to inject 850 bucks in my face. Just pisses me off!!!!!!!!!

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hey i have not used one ive read a few people who have tried this method and actually did not see much success. from what i read theres not much you can do to speed up the healing process time is the only thing that heals redmarks and scars man sometimes redmarks go away withing weeks sometimes years! it just depends. i wouldnt want to spend alot of money on something with my hopes up that it wuld work if it really never did.. theres a few forums on these machines peple have posted already use the search bar and check them out. good luck bro! i hope your marks and scars heal fast!

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Microdermabrasion is for exfoliation. It unfortunately does next to nothing for acne scars, and that is a fairly well-documented conclusion.

Actual dermabrasion, which CAN help with acne scars, should only ever, ever, ever be done by someone who has been doing it for many, many years (those practitioners are dwindling) and has side effects like infections, hyper/hypo-pigmentation, and causing more scars. It's also an extremely bloody and painful procedure.

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Anything that could penetrate deep enough to do any good would cause you screaming agony. You wouldn't try a do it yourself operation. What makes you think this is a DIY project?

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