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Rate My Acne!

Was just thinking, they have amIhotornot and ratemypoo etc...so why not ratemyacne?

That way we can see each other's acne and it can be ENTIRELY anonymous and moderated, so that only registered users can see it and comment.

I think it would help ppl to see other ppls acne...to compare and to help identify the types of acne.

Maybe the name ratemyacne isnt appropriate, but having a forum where ppl can post anonymously and in confidence I believe would be beneficial.

What do u think?

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I think it is a good idea. If you are a 10 on the acne scale, I'm sure you know it. Most of the members are very sensitive to others on the board.

But for the ppl who are mild, mild to moderate would have something to gauge their acne on. Those who have cystic acne would know what they have and could seek a derm's help more quickly.

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terrible, fine if your the guy whose gettin really low scores, but what if everyone puts you as a terrible 10 or something?!

Agoff is right - if ur acne is really really bad you will already know it. Thats the risk of doing it, same with amihotornot...if ur really ugly, u will already know.

Im suggesting it for those of use who dont really know what acne we've got and also to make suggestions to other ppl with the same type of acne.

It doesnt even need to be rate my acne, it could just be a place where u post up ur pictures and ppl try to diagnose which type uve got.

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Most members are sensitive, but there are still a fair share of idiots who would 'rate' someones' skin badly just because they didn't like the person, or just felt like it. I think if people really want their acne to be diagnosed by others on this board they will put it in the gallery. A forum like this would probably cause some problems.

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