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After researching online I decided that I'm going to do a tca peel for red marks. I will be doing 12.5% tca peel. I am buying glycolic acid chemical peel to prep my skin for a few weeks before doing tca peel. After the second glycolic acid treatment I wait one week before doing the TCA peel and avoid putting any harsh products on my face and also avoid exfoliating. I'm going to put alcohol on my face before putting on the TCA peel to remove any oils. Then I will apply petroleum jelly around my eyes, nostrils and corners of mouth. I will then put the TCA peel on in sections using a q-tip for better control and neutralize with baking soda solution when my skin begins to frost (2 TBS fresh baking soda and 1 1/2 cups of water) then I will splash my face with cold water for a few minutes and gently pat dry. After my face is dry and frosting is completely gone I will apply neosporin to entire face. I will continue to put neosporin on for the next few days then I will switch to a moisturizer and sunscreen with spf 30. How does that sound okay? I researched for a few weeks.

The reason I will be doing the TCA in sections is because the sides of my nose and chin always frost first when doing other types of peels while the rest of my face doesn't frost. This way I don't have to take the entire peel off early if my chin and nose frost right away.

If everything turns out successful I will do another peel one month after I completely finish healing. I just ordered both 30% glycolic acid chemical peel for preparing my skin for the TCA peel and the 12.5% TCA peel.

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