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Do People Not Want To Sit Next To You?

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So new semester at the university. New people. No seating arrangement.

For two weeks now, every single day in ALL my classes (yes, all), the seats next to me are always vacant. All the rest of the seats get occupied. The seats next to mine either stay vacant or they're the last to be occupied.

The same thing happens on the bus. No one wants to sit next to me. I'm not exaggerating. You may think it's all in my head but it happens everyday, without fail. You may say I should just ignore, yadda yadda but I'm trying to be positive everyday yet people don't even want to sit next to me!

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Hey there, your profile says you're from Cali? Me too! Well as you know we probably live in one of the most superficial places in the world. I think especially in LA, people tend to be a little more superficial. What I'm saying is, natural flawless beauty rules here. And as a general rule, acne is looked down upon. At my college I always noticed that people gravitate towards the "finest" person in the room, either male or female. I noticed this in class, on campus, at parties, bars, supermarkets, etc. Even some of my own friends would be caught up in someone else's looks and get awestruck. On the flip side, if you're unfortunate enough to have severe acne, it attracts negative attention and makes it that much harder to make acquantinces. I've had several conversations with people in college about appearances and trust me, college students can be very judgmental when it comes to acne, bad skin, etc. even if they don't say it out loud.

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