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Zinc Oxide Cream (Diaper Rash Stuff)

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I've been hearing things about Zinc oxide cream that it's good for your skin, but I also know that vaseline or petroleum jelly is bad and can cause problems. So currently I prematurely got rid of a problem spot and got carried away and went somewhat deep. It caused a scar and my skin is heeling and it's very red. So I'm wondering that if I apply some Zinc Oxide cream on top of this if it will help it with redness and or heal faster since zinc is good for you.

The ingredients are zinc oxide 20%, light mineral oil, white petrolatum, and white wax.

Should I apply this to the cut/ scar or whatever it is?

Is this product in fact good or bad for your skin?

Also I heard about neosporin for scars? Does any neosporin work or just the kind for scars? Does it work effectively?

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Petroleum won't break you out, but I don't think putting the diaper cream on the spot is going to help. If you have some vitamin E, dab it just on the spot.

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I don't know about the brand you have but Sudocrem (zinc oxide diaper cream) is amazing for healing popped pimples, even big ones. Been using it for over a year (only on popped spots, it's not good for prevention or non popped) and my boyfriend finds it great for preventing ingrown hairs after shaving too...

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