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So we all want to know what's right for skin. everyone says, everything in moderation' but just how often can i eat this' how often can i stress how often can i swim and how often should i cheer myself up. I'm young. everyone has their own opinions, i'm an aussie. i suffer moderately. plenty of protein and vitamins are essential as well as water. look up facts on how much water is in your body. you'll be surprised. unfortunately do what's best for you. i have tried absolutely EVERYTHING. salt water is what we've used as a natural anti-septic. focus on what is unharmful.. and give things a shot. what have you go to lose? pimples won't be here for ever. sun is good- containing vitamin D.. a supplement we all need , best to get it fresh other than from out of a pill. water flushes out our system. cleaning our bodies. caffeine aggrovates stress and stress is not so good for acne. so give your self a break and allow yourself to feel miserable about it. have a heart. but then pick yourself up and say 'acne won't destroy me or get me down' lets face it worse is out there'. fresh food is great.. veges.. fruit... protein.. i'm attempting no dairy at the moment... and no packaged foods to see how i go.. but like everything else, what do we do.. i heard masturbation produces more oil to the skin, maybe leaving more breakouts, but then again it reduces stress and if you confuse oils in your body it's harder to monitor problems. so do it as much as it suits YOU. excersize reduces endorphins that help us to be calmer throughout the day, therefore less stress.. (allowing blood to rush throughout the body helping proper circulation... so much to say about acne.. all i know my body sucks at fighting off infection.. the tiniest things can cause acne all depending on your skin type. theres your climate, what you eat, drink, weather you smoke, if you're fit.. if you're too fit.. if you have depression, if you're unhygienic,if you have dry skin, oil skin, or downright confusing skin, vitamin comsumption, water you wash with, if you're sheets are clean, constantly holding in sneezes is bad, your whole matter of breathing connects to your largest organ- skin, we are supposed to breathe through our skin too, if you have asthma.. soo many stupid things.. we all experience different things so please don't judge but posting on this site gives me determination to be a beauty therapist and learn more and more about skin to help people reading these articles today. i don't know how this site works, so if you can reply or comment or whatever please do. i respect everyone's opinions and i'm here to learn,so please help me out here :) i'm a young female of the sapphire coast of australia keen to study this subject more!! :)

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