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Here Goes Nothing! 18 Year Old Male

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Hey everyone, I decided to make a blog about my course of accutane to help me along and keep me busy. I went to the doctor last week and she recommended going on accutane after trying out all the other topical creams (Stevamycin, benzoyl peroxide, vitamin gel, etc) as well as antibiotics. Nothing really seemed to have an effect on clearing my face up, and my acne is quite severe.

Let me start the thread out with a bit of background...

I started to get acne around 2 years ago. I never really seemed to notice it much until it had gotten quite severe. I never had trouble getting girlfriends before but all of a sudden my self esteem seemed to have hit an all time low. Something needed to be done! I went to the dermatologist and he gave me stuff to use but it really had no effect. At that time my visits to the dermatologist were not really frequent and I was going every 6 months, getting a new thing to try each time. I just never really went back persistently because I felt like all my visits really weren't paying off. But now it seemed to have gotten to bad that I really just want it to be gone, and my dermatologist recommended accutane. Luckily one thing I have going for me is my loving girlfriend of 5 months and counting, who doesn't care about me having acne at all! Boy I we all wish everyone was like that tongue.png I can only hope that I can get rid of this acne once and for all and show her what my face actually looks like underneath it all smile.png

My doctor started me out with 40mg per day and said that she will up the dosage in a few weeks once the beginning breakout phase is coming to an end. I will keep this thread updated everyday to every few days when I have time, and hope can all support me through this blog.

Thanks for taking your time to read my thread smile.png

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Day 1

Day one is complete!! Woke up with a slight headache but feeling better now. Lips aren't so chapped yet but probably will be soon. A little sore but I was playing dodgeball so I suspect that is what did it. Will update soon!

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Day 4

On day four now, and noticing some interesting changes. I woke up yesterday with really sore muscles in my arms and legs. Guess the medication is starting to work! My lips have gotten really dry as well as my nose. I even got a nosebleed yesterday!! Overall I think my face is getting a little bit drier, but I think that the acne is all just coming to the surface now. Another update soon.

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