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So I'm About To Start My Regimen With Certain Products

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I have had acne since I was nineteen, and I'm about to be 25.

I cleared it all last year, and I honestly didn't do anything. I smoked, drank, did drugs, ate whatever I wanted, and sometimes didn't even wash my face. And I was clear.

But now, in November my acne has come back. And now, I want to take control. I've been obsessing lately, and in the past month and a half I've used so many bullshit products and regimens, it's no wonder my face is looking dead.

So my regimen is as follows... it's more of a question

Cleanse with biore exfoliater, which contains 2.0% SA

Then I put BP 2.5 percent all over my face

Then apply sunscreen/moisturizer that's all mineral based

at night

I don't apply the sunscreen but I tone with lemon juice and then i put olive oil to moisturize.

What do you all think.

My last question is. A lot of my face contains red marks that are slowly fading. i'm trying this regimen so that NO NEW acne appears while this past breakout fades.

Does BP hinder the healing and fading of the redness?

I really woul dlike to know. Thanks in advance.

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I would use a cleanser that is more gentle, with no active ingredient like SA. You won't need that on the regimen and it could be overly irritating. I'd suggest using purpose gentle cleanser. It is awesome.

Lemon juice as a toner, or any toner, is not necessary on the regimen. Follow it exactly and you will see good results.

You are using 2.5% bp which is great! But what kind? Honestly the acne.org bp is the greatest acne treatment on the planet. I highly recommend ordering it... It is the one step of the regimen that absolutely should be done with dans product, not over the counter. The cleanser and moisturizer steps are very different though for everyone, so those are easier to just find something you love OTC.

Finally, your skin and red marks will heal over time. How much time? Everyone is different. Will likely take at least 2 months on the regimen to see marks noticeably fading. But by being clear, you are stopping new marks from firming, so the old ones will go away eventually and none will replace them, which is what happens when you are still breaking out.

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